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blue green purple eyeshadow palette custom single nabla sidney grace anastasia beverly hills coloured raine review swatch makeup looks

What do you do when you want a blue/ green/ purple palette but no brand is currently making one? You make one yourself! That’s exactly what I did in early 2019. By now I have played around with these shadows enough: I did multiple looks, swatched everything, used shades separately and just got a good feel for these shadows. This custom palette features shades by Nabla, Sidney Grace, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Coloured Raine. So let’s have a closer look!

My Custom Blue/ Green/ Purple Eyeshadow Palette // Nabla, Sidney Grace, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Coloured Raine // Review, Swatch, Makeup Looks

Products mentioned:

  • Coloured Raine: Malibu, Forbidden, Blue Magic, Neo Blue
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: Venice, Mermaid, Prussian Blue, Dragonfly, Enchanted, Electro
  • Nabla: Lilac, Pegasus, Erisia, Freestyler, New Heaven, Virgin Island, Blue Velvet, Babylon, Eternity, Under Pressure
  • Sidney Grace: Green Mist, Dive, Red Chameleon, Pandora, Winter Garden, Deliverer, Awake, Fierce, Abyss, Marine Waters, Levy, Thrilled, Siren Call, Turtle Bay, Starfish
What singles have you tried?

7 responses to “My Blue/ Green/ Purple Palette”

  1. oliveunicorn Avatar

    I love all those colors too . Very nice collection💕

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar


  2. retrodee Avatar

    I’ve never tried any singles that didn’t have a case. The ones I have are by UD, MAC Butter London (rectangle shape) and Ulta.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I have never tried UD singles. I want to so badly but I know I won’t use them if they have a case.

      1. retrodee Avatar

        The cases get in the way but it’s worth it for some colors. Right now I’m really into palettes. So much easier to have everything in front of you already open.

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  4. […] indie brand that is known for great eyeshadow quality. Their singles are much raved about and so I tried those first. I liked them, but wasn’t wowed by them. They were good quality for sure, but not so great […]

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