Ace Beauté Slice of Paradise eyeshadow palette

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

Hi there! I was feeling something fun and bright this week. We have had such gloomy weather with lots of stormy weather, rain and just dark dreary days. So what do you do to combat the winter blues? We wear rainbow colors! And what better thing to do than to bust out a rainbow eyeshadow palette. That’s why I though that this week’s eyeshadow palette review can be the Ace Beauté Slice of Paradise eyeshadow palette.

Ace Beauté Slice of Paradise Eyeshadow Palette // Review, Swatch & Makeup Look

Let’s start by discussing the price point of this palette. For how many shades you get, these ‘paradise’ palettes by Ace Beauté are quite expensive. They go for €33 each. I bought mine on Beauty Bay but there are other places where you can buy these, so I would definitely recommend shopping around. This particular palette is part of a set of 4 palettes: one more purple toned, one more warm toned and one more rosy toned. In comparison: I also own the Oceanic palette by the same brand and that has 3 more shade and is only €3 more expensive.

The Packaging

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

What I appreciate about this palette a lot is the actual packaging. This packagin is ultra slim and that is always great for an eyeshadow palette. It comes with 12 shades and covers pretty much the entire rainbow. The pans are a decent size and and I hope that for this price point you get a decent amount of product as well. There is a good sized mirror and that is all you really need.

The Palette

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

When we take a closer look at this palette, you’ll see that is mainly a matte palette: out of the 12 shades we get 10 mattes and two shimmers. Fruit Dove is a pretty shade and to me is worth the entire palette. Passion Fruit is a very orangy red that is very different from any red eyeshadow I have ever seen. Other than that you get some additional shades like a peach and pink that can help with blending and building up a look. There are also enough deeper shades that will go with many other colors to create a good look. My favorite shade in here has to be Macaw though: that blue shade is like spot on and works incredibly well.

The Swatches

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

When you pick up a rainbow palette you need it to be vibrant and that is exactly what these shades are. There are few colors in the palette that have a clear white base, such as Bluebell and Starling. Those add even more brightness to the overall palette. In terms of swatching, these shadows are very soft and therefore very powdery, yet also punchy in their color payoff. If you are a beginner and looking to play with bright colors, I don’t think this palette is aimed at you. The formula definitely needs a specific application technique to not create too much fallout. So this is one that is best for the more advanced makeup use.

Additionally, what I struggled with when using this palette, is the wear time throughout the day. It doesn’t crease on my top lid, but it smudges terribly on my lower lash line. It is almost as if the shades are too pigmented and that the pigment simply won’t stick throughout the day. If lipstick can bleed, then that is only comparison I can make: this is eyeshadow that bleeds. Another fair bit of warning that you should know is that the pigment in these shades is so intense that it can stain your skin. So be careful.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

Look 1: The greens, oranges & reds

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

To create the looks for this post I decided to split the palette in two halves. Of course many other color combos are possible and I have to say this first one is not my favorite. The red on the lower lashline looks very harsh and stark. It is more evil queen than anything else: perfect if you are looking for a good red to wear if you want to transform yourself into a vampire, not so great for everyday. And yes, I did wear this look to work.

So let’s focus on what I feel does work about this look: I love the greens. Fruit Dove is exactly what I hoped it would be but it took a lot of effort to build it up to intensity. The shimmers by Ace Beauté are quite stiff and in these palettes that means that it is difficult to build up the shades. A finger of sponge tip applicator probably works best, but it does take quite a bit of effort.

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

Look 2: Pinks, purples & blues

ace beauté slice of paradise eyeshadow palette review swatch

For my second play around with the palette I focused on some colors that worked together a lot better. And here you can see what I mean about these shadows looking not only harsh but also sort of smear out. The baby blue, while pretty, just wouldn’t go on as I’d wanted it to. These shade blend well on the top lid, but I struggle with making them look nice on my lower lash line.

Because I wanted to make sure I knew how I felt about this palette, I used it a few times in the past week. I did another look featuring the red (in the crease this time) to see how that would wear and that looked much better. I used the purples and blues on the lower lash line and I had the same issue as I had here: they sort of smudged out too easily and just wouldn’t go on the way I wanted them to.

What are my final thoughts?

The Ace Beauté Slice of Paradise palette has its pros and cons. These colors are incredibly vibrant and give you instant color on the lid. That does mean that these shades can be more difficult to use. They do not last well on my eyes all day and have a tendency to smudge out and bleed. Therefore I would say these are great for costume, special effect, or halloween makeup looks that you will only wear for a few hours. For a full day of wear these shades just don’t hold up the way I want my eyeshadow to hold up. Still I think I will be holding on to this palette so far as it has a couple of shades that I don’t have in this kind of intense pigmentation anywhere else. Should you run out and buy this if you are after a rainbow palette though? I don’t think so as there are better, easier to use rainbow palettes on the market.

What is your favorite rainbow eyeshadow palette?

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  1. Hi Maaike, I saw a very good commend about pressed pigments the other day that might explain the problems you had on your lower lashline….a formulation consists of 100 % and if 50% is pigment and 25% filler, there is just 25% left for binder. And for pressed pigments the preferred amount of binder is just 5% to get the most colour pay off, hence a very dry formula with less sticking power of its own. You might want to use something like a glitter glue or a very sticky base for the lower lashline. That Fruit Dove colour is very pretty.

    • That may be why, but I also didn’t use a glitter glue on my lid and that does stay put. It’s just a bit weird and I have tried other pressed pigments before that don’t have the same issue. Oh well, I still love a few of the shades individually so it’s a good staple for bright shades to hand on to.

  2. Is “Oceanic” by Ace Beauté similar in formula and also hard to work with? I saw it in your vid and I just love the colors in that palette.

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