Catrice Instant Awake concealer

catrice instant awake concealer 005 neutral light review swatch makeup look application fair dry skin

If you have been keeping up with my recent videos, then you will have seen me do another new Catrice video. They finally released their spring/ summer 2020 collection and I have been trying out the products some more. You may have seen me selecting their new Instant Awake concealer as part of my shop my stash. So it is time to give you my review on this new concealer that promises coverage and hydration.

Catrice Instant Awake Concealer 005 Neutral Light // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

If you have been following my content for some time then you will know that Catrice does some of my favorite concealers. I swear by their OG Liquid Camouflage and I really enjoyed their later One Drop Coverage concealer. Both are still available, but you can understand that when Catrice releases a new concealer I am jumping on it instantly. This concealer is still affordable but it is more expensive than the other concealers Catrice already came out with earlier. At €4.99, this is the most expensive concealer Catrice currently has in their line. And you don’t get a lot of product: this comes with just 1.8 mls. For comparison: the One Drop Coverage concealer contains 7 mls which is more than 3 times as much product. So this is relatively expensive for how much product you get.

What does this concealer promise?

catrice instant awake concealer 005 neutral light review swatch makeup look application fair dry skin

This new Catrice concealer promises a lot. As you can see it comes with a sponge tip applicator very similar to the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. That is not my favorite style of packaging. I find it unhygienic and just overall messy as products always keeps oozing out, you never know how much you use and it has been shown that a sponge like this eats up product. So with the little amount of product you already get, even less is used as some of it just ends up in the sponge. Other than that, this concealer promises to hydrate, give medium buildable coverage while being longwearing and even having a blurring effect on fine lines. Those are some steep claims that this product has to make good on.

How does this concealer swatch?

catrice instant awake concealer 005 neutral light review swatch makeup look application fair dry skin

The first promise I feel this concealer does not make good on is the promise of this being medium buildable to full coverage. This is not a full coverage concealer by any means. It has a nice lightweight texture that is easy to blend and looks very natural on the skin. However, that does mean that this concealer does not exceed medium coverage and that is only if you apply quite a bit of product. If you only dot this one or use a little amount, what I feel you get is a sheer to light coverage.

The other promises it definitely makes good on. It does not accentuate fine lines and also throughout the day this does not crease on my dry under eye area. So that longwearing claim it certainly delivers. What I feel this concealer has going for it most is hydration. You can see in the swatch that has a dewy, almost glowy finish. It is definitely not a matte concealer. It has a radiance to it which I like as it looks great on my dry skin.

How does this concealer apply?

catrice instant awake concealer 005 neutral light review swatch makeup look application fair dry skin

While I may not like the sponge applicator from a hygiene perspective, I do like how quick and easy it makes to apply this product. I twist it up for two clicks and then apply the product on my under eye, my nose, my chin, my forehead and cheeks in literally seconds. I then use a makeup sponge to blend in the product. You can also use a brush or your fingers: since this is such a lightweight emolient texture, means it is easy to blend no matter the technique you use.

On my under eye area the effect is very natural and barely noticeable. It covers just enough for my liking but if you have very dark circles or if you were hoping to use this to conceal breakouts, this is not one I would recommend. It is too hydrating and glowy for it to have a good enough effect. The light to medium coverage means that this will not conceal anything and everything under the sun.

My final thoughts

catrice instant awake concealer 005 neutral light review swatch makeup look application fair dry skin

The new Catrice Instant Awake concealer is right up my street. The shade is spot on: still brightening on my under eye, but not too stark. The texture is my cup of tea: my favorite concealers are light to medium coverage concealers that are easy to blend and look radiant and natural on the skin. Lastly, the coverage and lasting power is just what I need. I like a bit of coverage to cover up redness and some blueish tones on my under eye area, but I don’t need anything too heavy. It wears well throughout the day. This even survived a crying session and was still on. In terms of creasing which is my main concern with a concealer’s lasting power, the effect is minimal even with 12+ hours of wear. The hydrating formula means this remains looking fresh all day and doesn’t cake up even with a bit of powder on top.

Would I recommend the Catrice Instant Awake concealer?

Yes, yes and again yes. This is a great affordable concealer that I think brings something new to the Catrice line up of concealers. There are a few cons to this concealer though: it only comes in 5 shades, it is the most expensive Catrice concealer on the market (but of course still affordable) and it comes with very little product. I think I can use this up within a month and then you would have to buy 12 of these if you want to keep on using it for a year. Than you’re better off splurging €30 once on the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, the Too Faced Born this Way concealer or any other high end option that is comparable and comes with a lot more product. For me though, the positives outweigh the negatives. The positives are that this is a lovely natural, radiant concealer that wears well and is easy to apply. What more can a girl (or boy) want?

What do you think of this new Catrice concealer?

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  1. I was going to try it but I can’t find it anywhere. But since your review, I might not look for it since it’s not full coverage and I do need a full coverage concealer under my eyes. Unfortunately it seems the the more hydrating the concealer, the less coverage it has.

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