New Makeup Releases // March 2020

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new makeup releases march 2020

For a few months now I have been kicking off the month with an overview of some new makeup releases. As I am a Youtube and Blogger who receives little to no PR (by choice btw), I tend to carefully select the products I decide to buy. And I make you part of that selection process! So every month I record a video in which we chat about some new makeup releases that stood out to me and we discuss whether I will get it or not.

New Makeup Releases // March 2020

What new makeup releases are you excited for?

6 responses to “New Makeup Releases // March 2020”

  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Good morning…..
    Beautiful look 👌🏽
    Great and good news all about new make-up releases.
    See you later 🙋‍♀️


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar


  2. retrodee Avatar

    Well I’ve had my eye on the Jeffree Star Blood Lust palette and I can’t stop looking! I really like the lavender shades in it. But I totally agree with you. The palette itself is huge, and I have limited space as it is. Velvet will just get dusty and icky… I will also never, ever use the red, or that Barbie glitter pink one. But I think most of the shades I could totally use. Bottom line of why I don’t want it is the price, I just can’t justify the cost of spending that much on one palette. The Huda mini palettes are cute, but I don’t like the “marbled” colors– that just doesn’t appeal to me, I want each pan to be one single color. I don’t even like when bronzers do it. Anyhow, I can’t wait to see what you end up getting! 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I won’t be doing a makeup haul any time soon. Am currently more into clothes than makeup.

      1. retrodee Avatar

        I go back and forth. I think right now I’m more into makeup if for no other reason than I have no more room in my closet for clothes! 🙂

      2. indiequeen84 Avatar

        Hahah I definitely have to do a declutter, but I lost some weight and now I can wear everything again and I have been rediscovering so many amazing pieces. I just love everything that’s in there now.

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