Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

When it comes to fashion, I think it is important to not blatantly follow the trends. It is important to find what you like and go with that. Because if you just wear what you are told to wear, you will just look like a fashion victim. Therefore I recommend making a selection of the trends that you like and appeal to you and go with that. Perhaps you already have some of these trends in your wardrobe? Maybe there are a few bits you would like to buy to fill that gap in your wardrobe. These are the 10 trends I found for the spring/ summer season that I would like to focus on.

Oversized sleeves

The statement sleeve has come back in a different rendition. This time it is more of a poofy sleeve with a Victoriana style to it. Not something I own, but an oversized bell sleeve IS something I have. This blouse is from H&M and I only busted out last spring despite owning it for 2 years prior to that. This year, the trend is back and I am all for it. Puff sleeves can be tricky if you are wide shouldered like I am, but it is a trend that I am looking to try.

Monochromatic suits

Not something I currently own, but would love to. The trend is mainly for bright colors so a pink blazer and a pink pair of trousers, or even in a pastel in powder blues. I have yet to decide what color to go for, but I definitely want to make it a statement color. I have been loving blazers in the past year and half and have been adding one or two blazers to my wardrobe every season and I think spring is a great time to add a bit of color.


My favorite pastel shade! Lilac! I love a mint green, but lilac is wear it is at for me. To prove my point: this is a super old picture, taking in my old place AND with very different hair. I think this was 5 or 6 years ago. And yes, I still own this sweater. I have had different lilac items in my wardrobe over the years and I rotate through them. Since it is a light shade it can be a bit difficult to keep clean so many of the items I have owned have gotten stains I couldn’t remove or got holes in them. So a bit difficult to maintain, but a good one to have.

70s Collar

This is something I own already, but I don’t have a picture of it yet. I bought a Monki blouse which I showed in my winter & sales haul last month that I think fits this bill rather nicely. It has a very pointed collar and I like that style. A few years ago I was all about blouses and I loved trying to find different style collars. I think that a true ‘Saturday Night Fever’ disco collar is a bit too much for me personally. However, the collar on the shirt I bought reminds me of Charlie’s Angels and that is something I can get down with.


This trend is one that started a few years ago and is not yet going away. Neon is a trend I find very difficult. I think it looks lovely on people with a darker skin tone. But on my pale complexion it is not too flattering. Then I spotted this bright pink number at Zara last year and decided to try it. It is a bit of a weird texture but then I paired it with this metallic bomber jacket and I loved it. I love the clash of the metallic and the neon and I am glad to have on such item in my wardrobe that suits me.

Square toed shoes

I think I have some in my shoe collection, but a true squared toe shoe is something I don’t have for the summer time. I definitely have a pair of boots, but I would like to try this a bit more. I think that doing a shoe in a certain style is a great way to update your wardrobe. That would be my tip: if you like a trend, but you’re not sure, get it as a shoe or another accessory (scarf, belt, necklace, bag) and you can still fit the bill but without going too full on.

Tropical print

Well you can tell I like a tropical print, can’t you? I love palm tree print and it is one of my summer staples and it has been for years. So I am glad this is a trend again this year as it means I can bust out all of these items (apart from the shirt in the bottom middle I still own all of these pieces) and look totally on trend. I think I have even a few more now as I definitely bought some items in the sales last year and it is just a print I love looking out for whenever I shop for clothes.

Tiered dresses & skirts

A challenging trend, but one I would like to try. Tiered dresses and skirts are so cool and bohemian looking to me. But I am short and I have an apple shape so they are usually not the best on me. I *think* I own maybe one dress that has that sort of style to it, but I would like to try it some more. As I said: not the most flattering on me, but it is definitely something I would like to try when I find something that piques my interest.

Polka Dots

And if there is one trend I am glad is back, it is the polkadot. I LURV polka dots. I have for years and I love having a few items on hand at all times. This Topshop dress is one that I bought in Dublin, nearly 9 years ago and it is still going strong in my wardrobe. But I own very many polka dot items. I think that if you were to scroll to some of my older What I Wore and Random Outfits blog posts, I am sure that almost every single one of them features a polka dot item.

What fashion trends are you excited for this season?

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  1. Nice pictures 👌🏽
    Good that you showed yourself what kind of fashiontrends three are in ’20…..
    So beautiful 😍

    Happy Friday 🙋‍♀️

  2. Polka dots are super cute! That pink jumper is stunning, I’d totally go for it too 😍 the white with the oversized sleeve really suits you 🙂

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