The Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask review

the body shop vitamin e sleeping mask review

Do you have those moments where you are too tired to take your makeup of, let alone think about doing a proper skincare routine to follow it up with? Or are you someone who can use all the moisture they can get from their night time moisturizer? Then The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask has got your back. This mask was a product I bought on a whim. There was a sale, I needed one more item to get the discount and so I decided to try it. With TBS being one of my favorite brands for skincare to begin with, I had high hopes for this too. Needless to say, this has been one of my favorite moisturizers I have tried in the past year.

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask

I would like to dub this my lazy day skincare product. I wasn’t sure about this as it is marketed as a mask and I am just not a mask kind of person. So I was unsure of this when I bought it. I generally love TBS skincare though and this was one I hadn’t tried before so I gave it a whirl. And oh boy! This has been one of the best intensely hydrating skincare products I have tried. At €19 for this product it is also quite affordable: not too expensive, not super cheap, but rather more in the middle when it comes to price point.

Why did I buy this mask?

the body shop vitamin e sleeping mask review

I had never tried a sleeping mask! That’s is the only reason why I decided to pick this up. Well that and the fact that I have tried some other products from the Vitamin E line that I really liked. The Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil is an OG favorite and a more recent find was the eye cream from the same line. So I felt quite solid on this one and I was intrigued by the fact that this promised to be a mask that I could whip on and just leave on and let it do its magic. I usually find face masks far too intense for my sensitive skin, but this has been lovely. Especially during the colder winter months.

What does this mask do?

the body shop vitamin e sleeping mask review

Hydrate. Moisturize. Nourish. Those are the three key words. In other words, this mask is one that saves you skin if it is dry, flaky and just overall stressed out. I started using this at the end of summer and it’s not a daily product for me. But on days where I feel lazy and can’t be bothered to slap on four different products this works very well. I don’t need to layer this, it sinks in quickly and the next day your skin feel super soft. One downside to this? It is heavily fragranced as are many of the Vitamin E products. So if you are someone who avoids fragrance in your skincare than this is not for you.

Why do I love this mask?

the body shop vitamin e sleeping mask review

I love this because it is easy to use. With most masks you need to wait, rinse and you need a brush to keep it from going everywhere. This sleeping mask has a creamy gel texture (it wobbles when you shake the container!) that is easy to use and feels very pleasant on the skin. I just use a generous blob and prefer to apply it a little bit before I go to bed. If you apply this and then hop into bed, your face will stick to your sheets. So better to let this sink in a little bit first before you actually hit the hay.

My final thoughts

With skincare I have a tendency to know quite well what I like. My sensitive, dry to dehydrated skin has taught me over the years to be careful what I put on it and I have had much success with The Body Shop products. This is no different. The Vitamin E Sleeping Mask is one that stole my heart. I love how this one product can replace my entire skincare routine even in the midst of winter. I have heard people describe this as a skinsaver when used as a daily moisturizer for super dry skin. Since our winter wasn’t that bad, I didn’t need it for that, but I have been loving applying this post shower. That is when my skin always feels a bit dry and this just sinks right in and restores my skin’s natural balance.

Would I recommend The Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask?

I would only recommend this to people with skin like me: dry, dehydrated, and sensitive. If you have oily skin than I would stay away from this as this will be far too rich for your skin and might make you a lot oilier than you already are. Since there is a lot of fragrance in this, this product may also not be great if you have a sensitivity to fragrance in skincare. I personally do not, so that is my luck, but I would definitely see if the store clerk could make you a sample to try at home before committing to a purchase. TBS usually lets you try their products first if you ask nicely, which I find super handy too.

Have you ever tried an overnight sleeping mask?

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