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makeup collection organization reorganization storage declutter

You will have noticed that the past few weeks I showed you my makeup declutters. And I decided that after filming that, I wasn’t done yet! In face, I left the camera rolling as I put all of the products back into the drawers and I organized my makeup collection. Today’s video shows you that process as well as a quick little tour of my makeup collection and how I store everything towards the end. I hope you like the video and stay safe & healthy!

Makeup Collection & Storage // Post declutter makeup reorganization

Collection information:

  • Drawers: Ikea Malm 4-drawer set
  • Containers: Ikea Godmorgon series
  • Anti-slip mats: Ikea kitchen section
How do you store your makeup?

2 responses to “Makeup Collection Reorganization”

  1. That’s a great drawer set! I have my lipsticks and concealers and some blushes and shadows in 6 small plastic drawers atop my sink area… The rest of the lipsticks are in a plastic caddy made for makeup. Liquid lipsticks, eyeliners and mascara are kept in mugs on my sink area (mugs are Marie from Disney’s Aristocats) All that is good but now since I have about 18 or so eyeshadow palettes, I’m running out of places to put them. Some are stacked on my sink area. The rest are in the top drawer of that area which is old, rickety and hard to open, plus they slide around. So I’m trying to think if I can do something better with them. Love your organization skills!

    • I love having everything in one place, which is why I moved everything into these drawers. I used to only devote part of this to makeup in my old place, but I knew when I moved I would want to make it just makeup storage.

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