Catrice Glow & Care Primer review

catrice glow & care primer review swatch makeup look application

The best brand for affordable face primers? Catrice! Hands down. They make my favorite hydrating primer, that also just so happens to be a straight up dupe for the Smashbox Primerizer: the Fresh It Up primer. So whenever they come out with something new, I am curious to try it. So when I spotted the Glow & Care primer in their fall/ winter update for 2019 I knew I had to try it. And when Catrice does not replace a product straight away in their next update, then you know that this product has something going for it. Let’s find out what that is.

Review: Catrice Glow & Care Face primer with Superfruit Complex

The Catrice price point most definitely helps: at just €5.59 this is a steal compared to most high end primers. I have tried several primers by Catrice in these little bottles and have loved all of them. Sadly they do away with them quickly and they only come with 15 mls of product. That is half what you get in most primers.

What does the Catrice Glow & Care Primer have to offer?

catrice glow & care primer review swatch makeup look application

The Glow & Care primer is one that promises to be nourishing and hydrating. This is why I already put this through a full day wear test and compare it to the Essence Hydrating & Perfecting primer which was released at the same time. Since these products sounded like they would do something similarly, I tried them side by side and found hardly any difference between the two. That is why I already knew going into this that I would love this. I liked the Essence one, so I knew this would work out too.

How does this swatch?

catrice glow & care primer review swatch makeup look application

Here you can also see the clear difference between the two primers and hopefully you now also understand why I decided to keep this for the summer time. It has a slightly more lightweight texture than the Essence one and it has a beautiful glow. I kid you not: with a tan and just a bit of concealer and bronzer this product would be perfect for that summer time ‘no makeup look’. It has a slight fruity smell, but it is not too strong and it is not overpowering in any way.

What does it look like on the face?

catrice glow & care primer review swatch makeup look application

This primer is one that does it all in one go: it hydrates, it perfects and it adds glow. I love the look of this! That is why I am saying that this can make for a great no makeup makeup look. It has a bit of tint, which means that it not only adds a bit of a healthy glow, but it also hides some of the redness in my face. Now that I am working from home so much, I am spending a lot more time on my balcony and going on walks and as a result I am getting a bit of tan at the moment. That is something that never happens to me, unless I go on a three week vacation! So this will be great come summer time and post summer time when you really don’t want to wear much makeup.

My final thoughts

catrice glow & care primer review swatch makeup look application

I knew going into this that I would love the Catrice Glow & Care primer. I have liked every primer I ever tried by Catrice and this is no exception. The primer is lightweight, makes my makeup wear for longer and hydrating at the same time. The fact that this adds a tint is an added bonus. Perhaps not the best if you are super fair, but for the summer time it makes for a great all over face look with minimal amounts of makeup.

Would I recommend the Catrice Glow & Care primer?

Yes I would! If you want your face primer to work, but don’t have too high expectations and enjoy a bit of glow: this is for you. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I am certain I will commit to buying a backup of this, but that is mainly due to the fact that I have plenty of other glowy primer like products in my current makeup collection. By the time I get round to trying those, this will have long gone and something new will be on the market. But if you would like to try a good affordable primer that is great for the summer time if you have dry skin: I would definitely recommend this.

What is your favorite affordable primer?

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    • Ooh good question. I used up my serum primer straight away so I can’t make an actual comparison. But I think this shade is deeper, it is more hydrating but I like the glow the other one gave better.

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