Good Molecules Super Peptide serum

good molecules super peptide serum skincare review swatch

Towards the end of 2019 I was contacted by Good Molecules if I wanted to receive some PR to try their products. By now I have used everything as part of my skincare routine and I have saved one of my favorite products for last. My favorite product by Good Molecules has to be their Cleansing Balm, but the Super Peptide Serum is a close second. Here’s why.

Review: Skincare Good Molecules Super Peptide Serum

Let’s talk price point first! Good Molecules is an affordable skincare brand available through their official website and Beautylish. They are very much branded like The Ordinary (which I love) and the newer launched The Inkey list (which I would love to try too!): it is supposed to be easy, fuss free skincare that focuses on active ingredients. Good Molecules is a bit more branded I think than the other two and their products tend to be a little less simple at times. However, this serum retails for just $12 and is one that I would repurchase.

What does this serum have to offer?

good molecules super peptide serum skincare review swatch

The reason I was happy to receive this product was because I had tried The Ordinary’s Buffet serum last year and I was hoping this would be a similar product. And it is! This is a great hydrating serum that is perfect for the day time. It has a lightweight texture which means it sits well under makeup. In the winter I like layering this under a moisturizer. Now that it is summer I like wearing it on its own.

What are the ingredients like?

good molecules super peptide serum skincare review swatch

So when we talk skincare we need to talk ingredients. Compared to the two brands Good Molecules is often compared to, the ingredient list has a bit more complexity to it. For a simple skincare brand, this product does not have the most straightforward of ingredient lists. The peptides it promises to have are high up on the list, so it is okay, but in terms of ingredients, I have seen better ones.

What does this product promise to do? It promises to hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin while combating fine lines and texture. It only contains natural fragrance already part of the product. So I appreciate that as I am not a fan of fragrance in general. This does not have a strong fragrance at all and I would say this has no scent at all.

What does this product do?

good molecules super peptide serum skincare review swatch

Does this product actually work? That is of course what truly matters. For me I really like it as a lightweigth moisturizing serum. It is not heavy enough in the winter time and needs a bit of layering for it to truly work. However, now that it is summer I have been reaching for this more as a quick and easy morning moisturizer. It gives me just enough for this time a year. The texture of this is lightweight and very runny and it just gives my skin what it needs now that we are in summer.

Would I recommend the Good Molecules Super Peptide Serum?

I would recommend a peptide serum in general. For the most part I think I favor The Ordinary’s version just a touch, but that has nothing to do with how this product works. That has to do with its availability. I would have to order this from the US, which would mean lots of shipping and/ or handling costs, which is a shame. So if I have two products that are just as nice and effective, but one is more easily available to me, I would pick that one.

Have you ever tried a peptide serum?

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