Zoeva Melody eyeshadow palette review

zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette

If you had to name one underrated makeup brand, what would it be? For me it would be Zoeva. This German brand started doing brushes years ago and then expanded their range slowly but surely. I have tried a few of their things and just recently bought myself their new foundation and concealer. However, where I feel their strong point lies (besides their brushes) is in their eyeshadow palettes. These are some of their best products and they are a lot cheaper than many high end brands. So when I spotted they did a palette that looked interesting that I didn’t own yet, I decided to try it. Meet the Melody eyeshadow palette.

Review: Zoeva Melody eyeshadow palette

Zoeva eyeshadow palettes are all very similar in their look and style: the packaging is always a cardboard without a mirror and the design reflects the shades you get inside. They almost always feature 10 shades, at least the ones I have. There are other palettes in their range but those never really appealed to me or I have yet to try. The Melody palette is one that again features 10 different shades and retails for €23. You might think: but Maaike, that is another neutral palette. Yes, you are right, but this is a neutral palette with a twist.

What does this palette have to offer?

zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette

When it comes to Zoeva eyeshadow I am always surprised these do not get any more lovin’ in the beauty community. Even among European bloggers and Youtubers the brand is hardly ever mentioned. Perhaps they just don’t really do the whole PR thing, perhaps they are just not getting their name out there enough, but in any case this palette has lots to offer that is unique to the market. But many of Zoeva’s palettes do. Because what does Zoeva do in every single one of their palettes? Give you duochromes and interesting textures to play around with. And they have been doing so for years: the En Taupe has been around for at least 5 years and is a prime example. The Melody palette is no different.

What is the Melody’s color story like?

zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette

At a glance this palette looks like another boring neutral palette and I have to say: these pictures don’t do it justice. It’s when you move around that you truly find how much of a gorgeous shift 5 out of 10 of these shades has. Yes, 5 out of 10: the three shimmers in the top row and the two left most shimmers in the bottom row. All of those have a flip to them, some more strongly than others. Four shades have a very strong shimmer to them, verging on a glitter formula but still easy to work with. You get only four mattes though but I feel they are the range of mattes you need to build up a look so I can let that slide. Oh and had I already mentioned that this palette features mainly cool tones? You know I love a good cool tone!

What do these shades swatch like?

zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette

As you can see here, the palette has some intense pigmentation. That is of course already great. But to top things off, this also has some amazing blendability as these shades simply diffuse with ease and don’t muddy together. The shimmers only achieve full intensity when layered and foiled though and I feel they are best applied with fingers. Sadly these pictures do not show off the amazing color change these have. The light pinky shade? Has a strong pink flip. The purple? Has a bluish pink flip to it. Every shimmer in this palette has something unique to offer save for the strong gold.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

If you have been around these parts then you know I like to include looks with my reviews in which I have used all the shades of the palette between them. This being a 10-pan palette, I did two looks: one more cool toned and one more warm toned. I definitely know which one I prefer! Can you guess?

zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette
Look 1: cool toned
zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette

It’s the cool toned look of course! Look at how stunning those shimmers are. And combined with the mattes I feel this is a very wearable look, but you are still wearing something that is a bit out there compared to most neutral palettes. This palette is not right for you if you love your mattes, but if you are a magpie and like all things sparkly and shimmery with your shadows like me, this palette has got you covered.

zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette
Look 2: warm toned
zoeva melody eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look 2 looks 1 palette

Because I know people love warm tones I figured I could show you that as well, just to show you the range of these shades. With this look I used the bronze shimmer all over the lid and what these pictures do not show you is that this has a green flip to it. Such a shame, but these shimmers look better when they move I promise. In any case, you are more than capable of doing a golden toned/ bronzed look with this as well. These are just very pretty shades that make for easy to wear looks.

My final thoughts

I labelled the Zoeva Melody palette as neutrals with a twist and that is what this is. The shimmers are all of a great texture and color that adds something differently to this palette. It simply elevates a look from boring to pretty in my opinion. Neutrals can be so overdone, so to find a palette that not only gives you neutrals that work but that also do something many other neutral palettes do not, I find interesting to say the least.

Would I recommend the Zoeva Melody eyeshadow palette?

Yes I would recommend the Zoeva Melody palette for those people who are into their natural makeup looks but who are looking to add something a bit more refreshing to their makeup collections. This is not your type of palette if you are into Instagram glam makeup with cut creases and editorial, edgy looks. However, if you are someone like me who wears makeup to the office or if you are in another environment where light makeup is preferred, then I would be all over this thing.

What is your favorite neutral palette?

7 responses to “Zoeva Melody eyeshadow palette review”

  1. I was debating whether to get this palette or not – but after this I think I need it! I have the Blanc Fusion palette from Zoeva and you’re right, they aren’t for Instagram people, but do a wonderful job of suiting everyday makeup looks x

  2. I don’t buy for Instagram, but for myself. The Instagram swatches mostly don’t tell the true story. I have this palette as well as a whole bunch of other Zoeva palettes. They are a perfect mix of pigmentation and blendability and don’t get enough credit. My favourite neutral palette however is AHB Soft Glam.

    • So true! And I hear ya on the Instagram front. I just feel many reviewers online only consider makeup to be good if it is worthy of creating these extravagant Instagram looks. Not all people do makeup for their Instagram buddy. I most certainly am not!

  3. I almost bought this palette. I love the purple and other cool shades, but I’ll never use the warm ones. I have sooo many browns. I am definitely excited to try Zoeva sometime, though. I still might get this palette, but if not this one, I’ll get another one of theirs. Made in Italy! 🙂

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