Fall Fashion Haul 2020

fall fashion haul 2020

Today’s video is all about my fall fashion haul! I mainly shop the seasons and fall is my favorite. So it was time to show you the things I got to update my fall wardrobe. I mainly shopped H&M and Monki, but also got some bits from ZARA, Topshop, Urban Outftters and & Other Stories. I definitely got a few bits to replace old pieces that I decluttered over the summer when I redid my wardrobe. There were a few staples that had gotten old and tired and then of course I bought some other bits to take my wardrobe into fall 2020.

Fall Fashion Haul // H&M, ZARA, Monki & more

Pieces mentioned:

  • Patent boots | H&M
  • Denim jacket | H&M
  • Wide legged jeans | H&M
  • Floral blouse | Monki
  • Dark green blouse | Monki
  • Dark green high neck top | Monki
  • Floral, Leopard, Purple, Dogtooth high neck top | Monki
  • Grey cardigan | & Other Stories
  • Green cardigan | Urban Outfitters
  • Blue cardigan | H&M
  • Purple cardigan | H&M
  • Red cardigan | H&M
  • Dogtooth trouser suit | H&M
  • Purple trouser suit | ZARA
  • Navy blazer | ZARA
  • Beige herringbone trousers | H&M
  • Beige dogtooth trousers | H&M
  • Straight leg jeans | Topshop
  • Green sweater | & Other Stories
  • Burgundy sweater | H&M
  • Grey sweater | H&M
  • Grey sweater | & Other Stories
  • Grey boxy knit sweater | H&M
  • Purple dress | ZARA
  • Floral dress | ZARA
  • Paisley print dress | ZARA
  • Floral dress | Urban Outfitters
What have you bought to update your fall wardrobe?

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  1. Once again, great clothing selection! I haven’t been buying clothes since we’ll be moving hopefully within the next 6 mos or so… but while we were evacuated all I wore were my jeggings from Pajama Jeans paired with different tops. I’m not normally a denim person, but my jeggings are super versitle with different tops. They work out well when I can’t have all my clothes with me away from home.

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