Lethal Cosmetics Swatch Party

lethal cosmetics swatch party

If you don’t follow me on Youtube, you may be unaware, but I am currently in the midst of Single Shadow Week. All week long I am posting one video a day all about my single eyeshadow collection. I will still be posting my usual reviews on this blog, but on the days when I usually post videos (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) I will be posting some of those videos on here too. So if you want to see the rest of my single shadows, please go to my Youtube channel. Today’s installment is a swatch party with German indie brand: Lethal Cosmetics.

Lethal Cosmetics Swatch Party

If you want to see more content with Lethal Cosmetics please find a review with the first palette I build here. To see the palette bingo I did with the second palette, please see this blog post.

Shades in palette 1:

  • Vertex – Relapse – Recluse – Habitat
  • Venom – Aerial – Petrichor – Aether
  • Equilibrium – Release – Enigma – Spirit

Shades in palette 2:

  • Stargaze – Altitude – Rebirth – Imago
  • Yonder – Mirage – Descent – Insomnia
  • Eden – Surge – Terminus – Trespass – Rise from the Ashes

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