MAC Swatch Party

mac single eyeshadow swatches

Today we are taking a step back in time. So let’s enter that time machine and go back to that time in the makeup world that MAC was THE brand to get. That’s when I started collecting their shadows and therefore this palette has been through a lot: it moved cross country, was used and abused and went through many different renditions over the years. Curious to see how the palette changed over time? I recommend you check out this blog post, this blog post and this blog post. Let’s have a look at where it stands right now.

MAC Single Eyeshadow Swatch Party // Let’s swatch my MAC eyeshadow collection

Shades mentioned:

  • Light shades: vanilla – dazzle light – nylon – arena – naked lunch – jest – yoghurt
  • Lid shimmers: retrospeck – honeylust – patina – woodwinked – satin taupe – amber lights – mulch
  • Mattes: malt – wedge – soft brown – corduroy – swiss chocolate – blackberry – embark
  • Purple & copper: shale – beauty marked – sketch – cranberry – star violet – coppering – antiqued
  • Green & peach: steamy – plummage – sumptious olive – green smoke – humid – expensive pink – paradisco
What MAC eyeshadows do you like?

P.S. This video is part of my Single Shadow Week: did you already catch all the installments over on my Youtube Channel?

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