New makeup releases // November 2020

new makeup releases november 2020

Let’s talk about some new makeup releases shall we? And this time there are actually quite some bits that I am interested in. More and more holiday collections have been announced and by now the ‘interesting’ stuff seems to be making its way to the (virtual) makeup shelves. So let’s chat new makeup releases and see what’s new and happening in the makeup world.

Buy or Bye? // New Makeup Releases November 2020

What new makeup releases are you excited for?

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  1. I love your eyeshadow look in this vid! Well let’s see, I’m interested in Colourpop’s Baroque. I like the cool colors. Although my skin tone is more warm, my eye color is cool so I tend to look better with cool eye shadows rather than warm. And of course, we know how there are far fewer cool palettes. I also like the Natasha Deona Triochrome palette, but it’s WAY too pricey for me, even if it were to go on sale. I might be interested in the Mandalorian palette also, because of those olive greens. But it’s sold out and I’m really not sure yet. Oh yeah, that guinea pig toy your mom made is SOOO cute!

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