Ofra Chick Lit blush review

Ofra Chicklit blush review swatch Samantha March collaboration fair skin

Ofra Cosmetics makes one of my favorite highlighter formulas. I own Rodeo Drive, Blissful and Pillow Talk and so I thought it was time for me to try some more by this brand. When it comes to collabs with influencers I am never too fussed about them, but this one did spark my interest. Why? Because the Samantha March X Ofra collab was one that featured what looked to be a stunning blush shade. Meet Chick Lit everybody!

Review: Ofra x Samantha March Chick Lit duo blush

While I love Ofra, their price point has been a reason to not purchase from them in the past. It took me ages to bite the bullet on Rodeo Drive (my first ever Ofra products) as it retailed for €35. Depending on where you shop, that is also how much this blush will set you back. I ended up purchasing this via Beautybay and on there this retails for €28.75. Where the Samantha March x Ofra highlighter was created using two existing Ofra shades, this blush seems to be unique to the line.

What does this blush have to offer?

Ofra Chicklit blush review swatch Samantha March collaboration fair skin

So knowing how intense Ofra products can be, this blush had a me a bit scared when I first opened it. The shade looked darker and a lot more warm toned than I had expected. This shade is described as a warm deep rose shimmer and a matte pink nude. Well for me this looks quite peachy more so than pink and the shimmer shade looks more like a full on rose gold. That said though, if Ofra got the formula right then this product should of course have no issues with the application.

How does this blush work?

Ofra Chicklit blush review swatch Samantha March collaboration fair skin

Is the Ofra blush in Chick Lit one of the most revolutionary blushes I have ever tried? Not by a long stretch, but I ended up liking this so much more than I had expected. Yes this looks deep in the pan, but even on my fair skin I was able to make it work. On days where I wanted to warm up my complexion with more than just a bronzer and with a shade that is so natural that it looks like you are not wearing anything at all, this blush was just perfect. It is a bit much for me come the dead of winter I am sure, but in this post summer/ fall season it was a great shade to wear.

How does this blush swatch?

Ofra Chicklit blush review swatch Samantha March collaboration fair skin

Finger swatches of blushes never tell the full tale of the product, so bare with me here. I have plenty of blushes that swatch intensely/ weakly but then still are very easy to apply and wear on a day to day basis. Just because a blush is pigmented doesn’t mean it will get the job done! But Chick Lit is nothing like that. Yes it swatches intensely, especially that shimmer shade, but in the end I feel this look very nice and natural on the face. As you can see in this picture above, while the shimmer shade is super intense by itself, it becomes a very soft shimmering pink when you blend the two shades together (far right).

How does this blush apply to the cheeks?

Ofra Chicklit blush review swatch Samantha March collaboration fair skin

For this blush I did have to figure out how it is best applied. It is easy enough if you want to get just one color but I knew right from the get-go that for me the blush would work best if I blended the two shades together. So what I tend to do is to put my big Real Techniques blush brush in the middle of the pan and then just give is a good swirl. The result you can see above: a slightly glowy, yet still wearable warm toned rosy look. It gives just enough color to the cheeks to make it stand out and I was surprised to find out with how many looks I could pair this and how long it lasted on my cheeks.

My final thoughts

Ofra Chicklit blush review swatch Samantha March collaboration fair skin

The Ofra blush in Chick Lit is quite possibly the first ever collab to have come out that I actually enjoy. Not only is the shade spot on, it also has a lovely formula that wears well throughout the day and is easy to apply. Does this blush offer me something very unique in my blush collection, perhaps not, but I have been a lot more into a more glowy blush look for about a year now so it was a great addition to my otherwise very matte blush collection.

Would I recommend the Ofra blush duo in Chick Lit?

I think that Samantha March did a great job curating this blush for Ofra. The formula is great and I like how it all comes together. This is a blush I can see myself reaching for a lot over the course of time. However, if you are looking for something truly unique then this is not it. Yes it is pretty but I think everyone already has a warm toned rosy shade in their collection by now and you definitely do not have to spend this kind of money to get this result. I think Essence actually do something quite similar.

What do you think of Ofra? Have you tried anything from them before?

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