Luxury makeup not worth the money

luxury makeup not worth the money

Unfortunately, not all makeup products end up working out for me. While that usually isn’t such a big deal it is a bit of a bummer when that products was quite expensive. I tend to think before I buy and carefully select what I spend my money on. Especially early on in my makeup journey I thought makeup had to be expensive to be good and so I definitely tried some duds. So today I am sharing 10 luxury makeup products with you that sadly didn’t work out for me. Are these bad products? No, but they just didn’t work out for me the way I had hoped.

Luxury Makeup Not Worth the Money

Products mentioned:

  • Becca First Light priming filter
  • YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils mascara
  • Charlotte Tilbury Luxury eye palette
  • Chanel lipstick
  • Dior Addict lipstick
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer
  • Becca Champagne Splits Champagne Pop
  • Dior Nude Skin Air highlighter
  • Chanel Harmony blush
  • Dior Nude Skin Air blush Transat edition
What luxury makeup product did not work for you?

2 responses to “Luxury makeup not worth the money”

  1. Oh definitely Dior’s Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick. The lipstick is a tube inside of the square tube and it’s tiny– you get so little product for the price. Plus it really is nothing special at all. The only good thing is I got Red 999 and it suits my complexion without being too orange. But the tube inside is so small and definitely not worth $38.

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