Make Up Memory Box

makeup memory box

Shall we get nostalgic for a minute over here? Yup, that’s right, I am finally sharing my makeup memories box with you. My what?! My makeup memories box. This is a small drawer in which I keep makeup that I no longer use (because: expired!) but that I still love for various reasons. Either because it is my oldest eyeshadow which I have owned since highschool, or because it reminds me of a trip. But mostly? This just has pretty packaging. Let’s drool over some old makeup you can no longer get (not that you would want to in some cases…).

My Makeup Memory Box // Old, expired makeup I can’t get rid of (because it’s pretty okay!)

What makeup do you keep around for memory’s sake?

5 responses to “Make Up Memory Box”

  1. What a great idea! I have a Kat von D lipstick I got from my first (and only, so far!) visit to NYC in 2013. It’s now expired and there’s a little left to show what colour it was but I can’t get rid of it – I was so excited to get it and it holds fantastic memories of a wonderful holiday with my sister. I’m going to find myself a small(ish) box and do this, thanks for the idea!

  2. I used to save everything, but I finally broke that habit. Also since we’re moving I have enough makeup that I need to take with me anyhow. BUT! I’m saving the Sugarpill Little Twin Stars liquid lipsticks that I will never use again because of the adorable packaging and because my friend Carlie and I did a colab photo shoot as Kiki and Lala!

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