Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review

Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review swatch makeup look application fair skin dry skin texture

Us fair skinned gals struggled for years finding good highlighters. Many of the cult favorites (think: Becca Champagne Pop and Ofra Rodeo Drive) were much too dark and left a cast on our faces when applied. But lo and behold as highlighters gained popularity, the shade ranges expanded and brands started doing lighter shades. One of the most infamous ‘perfect for fair skin’ highlighters? Ofra’s Pillow Talk. And I am finally reviewing it for you.

Review: Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter

Ofra makes one of my favorite highlighter formulas. Yes they can make you glow so intensely you can be seen from space, but if applied with a light hand these can also be worked onto the skin in a far more natural look. This is exactly why I like them. I own three shades: Rodeo Drive, Blissful and this one, precisely because I love the formula so much. Depending on where you buy these and what size you get, you will pay somewhere in the range of €15 to €35 for an Ofra highlighter. Different retailers list different prices and the minis still come with 4 grams of product which for this kind of product is more than enough in my opinion (the full size comes with 10 grams). Cheek powder products are notoriously hard to use up.

What does this highlighter have to offer?

Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review swatch makeup look application fair skin dry skin texture

As with any Ofra highlighter, Pillow Talk is the kind that is blinding and insanely pigmented. These powders are quite soft though so you have to be careful with them while traveling. The Ofra packaging has changed a few times and all three of the ones I own come in different packaging. By now this comes in a stunning white, square compact which has my preference as it also comes with a mirror, where this one does. Additionally Ofra has gone down in price a bit as time progressed: now that there are more highlighters available they have definitely lowered their prices a bit.

What is the shade Pillow Talk like?

Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review swatch makeup look application fair skin dry skin texture

Pillow Talk is a very very light, almost icy shade. Ofra describes this shade as a soft pearl pink and I would agree. Because it is pink it is also very cool toned in its coloring. Therefore this shade is best if you have a cool or neutral undertone yourself. Due to the lightness of the shade I would also recommend using this if you have a fair to light skin tone. If you are too deep this could still work, but it could also look ashy and grey as it won’t compliment your skin tone all that well. The shine on this is intense in a full on swatch, but I love how this sheers out when using a light hand.

What does this highlighter look like in a swatch?

Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review swatch makeup look application fair skin dry skin texture

BOOM! As with any Ofra highlighter I’ve tried, Pillow Talk swatches beautifully. It’s intense, incredibly blinding and I love the shade this has. It is a great shade for the winter time (hence why we are reviewing it now) as it goes great with my super fair, snow white like skin this time of year. It is intense, but a little goes a long way. I personally only use one or two dabs (not strokes) of this product to apply it to my cheeks. With Ofra highlighters you can easily overdo it, but with a gentle tap and a brush onto the cheek I feel this products gives me exactly the glow I want at the moment.

What does this highlighter look like applied to the face?

Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review swatch makeup look application fair skin dry skin texture

These before and after pictures do not do the product justice as highlighters are so difficult to capture in still photography. However I will make sure to apply this in my next GRWM video (should be up next week) so you can see this applied in real time. It is a smooth formula that doesn’t emphasize texture and applies easily to the skin. I use quite a dense brush but I have also used other brushes with this in the past, which give different results. One technique I love doing with this highlighter is buffing it in as that will make it shine even brighter. So apply with a dense brush and then use a fluffier brush to gently buff the product into the skin, before applying a bit more on a smaller brush.

My final thoughts

Ofra Pillow Talk highlighter review swatch makeup look application fair skin dry skin texture

The Ofra highlighter in Pillow Talk had been sitting on a shelf for far too long. I love this product because it is exactly what I have come to expect from an Ofra highlighter and I love these. This shade is quite possibly the more unique one together with Blissful. I love Rodeo Drive too but I have other golden toned highlighters that I love more (hello The Balm Mary-Lou and NARS Forte de France!). This icy pink shade is one I don’t have a lot in my collection and as far as icy pinks go this is the most perfect one I tried. When I declutter my collection later in the year, I just know I will be keeping this over other highlighters that give me similar results, because this is just perfection!

Would I recommend the Ofra highlighter in Pillow Talk?

For sure! If you are fair skinned and cool toned this is a must have if you love a good blinding highlighter than can be used more subtly for the day and more full on for the evening. It is a great formula and since this comes in several sizes, you can easily try it out to see if you like it as much as me. I just can’t rave enough about the Ofra formula and really digging in and trying this well enough to review it has made me fall in love all over again with my Ofra highlighters. If you haven’t tried this yet, then please do. You won’t regret it.

What highlighter do you want to rave about?

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    • One of my top 5 favorites for sure! I am thinking of decluttering my Ofra Rodeo Drive in favor of my Mary Lou as it is till this day, one of my favorite golden toned highlighters.

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