Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix powder

urban decay stay naked the fix powder foundation30 nn fair skin dry skin review swatch makeup look application

The powder currently in my shop my stash? Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix powder foundation. This product is a little bit hard to define: is it a powder? Is it a foundation? I had never tried an Urban Decay powder before as their powders seem to be aimed more at oily skin, but since I love so many of the UD products, I decided to try this. This powder is part of their Stay Naked line and I decided to try and use it as a setting powder.

Review: Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix Powder Foundation in 30 NN

In terms of powder this is an odd one: it comes in 24 shades that mostly correspond with the Stay Naked foundation shades available. Sadly my shade from that foundation line, 20 NN, is not available in this powder. The shades in the 20 range were either to warm and yellow or too cool and pink, so that’s why I went with 30 NN as that is a more neutral shade. The powder retails at many different price points depending on which retailer you select to purchase this from. At ICI Paris XL this powder retails for €39.10.

What does this powder have to offer?

urban decay stay naked the fix powder foundation30 nn fair skin dry skin review swatch makeup look application

Depending on where you get your information from, this product is marketed either as a powder or as a powder foundation. It is currently the only powder in Urban Decay’s line but it definitely has a heavier feel to it and therefore a powder foundation seems more apt. That’s also what the packaging says so let’s go with that shall we? And my dry skin and powder foundations: we don’t always are the best of friends so I was curious to try this but also quite nervous. It is supposed to be long-wearing, give a matte finish but also contain certain extracts that make it good for the skin.

What is the shade match like?

urban decay stay naked the fix powder foundation30 nn fair skin dry skin review swatch makeup look application

30 NN is a bit too yellow for me still, but it does work in the end. The compact comes with a hidden compartment in which you can find a sponge which means this is mainly the kind of product that is aimed at using as a touch up throughout the day rather than a step in a full face of makeup. It definitely is great for taking away shine, if that is what you are after. In fact it reminds me a lot of a Benefit product I used to own and carry around in my bag just for that purpose. It was called the Hello Flawless powder foundation but I ended up decluttering it because it was too dark.

How does this product swatch?

urban decay stay naked the fix powder foundation30 nn fair skin dry skin review swatch makeup look application

The powder feels a bit heavier than I am used to with powders, but that’s probably because this was designed to say on the skin without any layers underneath. The way I like to use powder foundations is as a setting powder by using the lightest layer possible and really lock my face products in place. Typically, I find powder foundations work best on my skin in the summer time as my skin tends to get a little bit oily in the t-zone then and makeup has a harder time in staying on. Right now, in the winter time, when my skin is drier, these kind of products never really seem to work well for me.

What does this product look like on?

urban decay stay naked the fix powder foundation30 nn fair skin dry skin review swatch makeup look application

At first this product isn’t too offensive. It sets my makeup in place and instantly mattifies my complexion. However, after having used it for 2 weeks I have found out that it is not my favorite powder to use. How come? Because it is just a little bit too heavy. It looks great for the first 2 hours or so, but after a full workday my face is a horrible cakey mess. I have used the powder with several foundations ever since I bought it and I have experienced it every single time. I guess this product just isn’t really for me, however I have found it looks really great on camera when I film as it gives my face a very airbrushed look.

My final thoughts

urban decay stay naked the fix powder foundation30 nn fair skin dry skin review swatch makeup look application

Being a great lover of all things Urban Decay I had hoped to love this powder foundation. I don’t try too many of those and so I had hoped the Stay Naked The Fix powder would work for me. Sadly it is just a bit too much for me. Yes it looks quite pretty on, but it can also look heavy if I am not careful about how much I apply. It also doesn’t really seem to like my current concealer: the Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant. Ever since I have been pairing those two together my makeup starts to pull into fine lines and accentuate dry patches. Will this be a product I will keep around? I might, as I can see myself going back to this in the summer time. However, for now I will be hiding it away in a drawer and use a go to staple that I know and love.

Would I recommend the Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix powder foundation?

I think this may be a good one to try if you have oily skin and don’t like wearing liquid foundation. I personally do not see much use for it in my life, but I just don’t think this product was made for me. I like it well enough for what it does, but if you have dry skin it doesn’t really work with all products you might want to use. It can quickly look cakey and heavy if the product doesn’t have enough to work with and that’s sadly the case for me. Just that something isn’t right for me though, does not mean it won’t work for you.

What is the last product you tried that you felt was ‘made for you’?

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  1. I hadn’t seen this powder until now! I will have to try it. I definitely am the type with oily skin and liquid foundation breaks me out. I have better luck with powders, although they can look cakey, as you pointed out. I’ll have to wait til it goes on sale though, since it has a rather high price tag.
    Lately, I discovered NYX Sweet Cheeks blush and it could be made for me… I haven’t worn it much, only tried it on, but it might be the answer to my blush problems. Powder blush fades on me within minutes, and cream blush is messy, hard to blend and bad for my skin. But a powder/blush HYBRID seems to be the key. Even if it doesn’t end up working out, the price is right and I won’t lose too much money.

    • Have you tried mineral foundations? I mean the “real” ones that come in the loose powder form that you buff into the skin, like Bare Minerals, Lily Lolo etc. with only few ingredients?

      I find them to be very good especially during the summer when my skin is oilier (it’s only now becoming more “normal” during winter with age) and my skin also got visibly better after wearing one for the first time in just a couple of days, and a couple of my friends have said the same. Even though I like liquid foundations, I still have to use mineral foundation every now and then to keep my skin in better condition. For some reason it just works out like that, it makes the breakouts go away… If you want to try it, just make sure there is zinc in it, as that seems to be the magic ingredient for me.

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