10 Alternatives for Discontinued Palettes

10 alterative dupe eyeshadow palette review swatch discontinued limited edition

It is such a shame when brands discontinue some of your most beloved palettes. Or maybe they released a stellar limited edition eyeshadow palette and you did not manage to snatch it up or maybe you just didn’t have the funds to spend on it at the time. Or maybe you are newer to the makeup game and therefore just missed out! Who knows?! There can be many reasons why you might have missed out on some amazing eyeshadow palettes. But just because they are gone, doesn’t mean the current offering out there doesn’t offer you anything that’s similar. Today we are discussing 10 discontinued palettes and alternatives that are currently available.

10 alternative options for discontinued and old limited edition eyeshadow palettes // Not quite dupes, but close!

Products mentioned:

  • Too Faced White Chocolate Bar – Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde
  • Melt Muerte – Colourpop Wine & Only & Baroque
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 – Natascha Denona Glam
  • Milani Soft & Sultry – BH Cosmetics Love in London
  • Lime Crime Venus Immortalis – Nabla Cutie Platinum
  • Zoeva En Taupe – Colourpop That’s Taupe – Juvia’s Place The Taupes
  • Zoeva Blanc Fusion – Urban Decay Naked Honey & Naked Basics 2 – Colourpop Uh Huh Honey & Going Coconuts
  • Colourpop Dream Street – Urban Decay Naked Wild West
  • Blush Tribe Hasina 2 – Sample Beauty Hydrographic
  • Juvia’s Place The Tribe – OPV Beauty Tropical Dreams
What is a palette pairing you like as alternatives?

4 responses to “10 Alternatives for Discontinued Palettes”

  1. This is a great idea! There are a lot of palettes out there that can substitute for discontinued favorites. It’s fun to see what we can find. You did an awesome job in this video. Natascha Denona Glam is a great substitute for UD Naked 2, except that it’s super pricey, but that’s just the Natascha Denona price tag. On the other hand UD Wild West is a lot pricier than Colour Pop’s Dream Street (which I kind of regret not getting) Anyhow, I’d love to see more videos like this!

    • Thanks! I’ll see if I can do more of these. I think focusing on things no longer available is the best thing to do, but I think I could so a full video all about rosy/ pinky neutral palettes.

      • Yeah that would be fun too! I’m trying to learn more about different types of neutrals. I used to just pay attention to in-your-face shades, but now I’m learning what subtle differences there are.

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