5 Items I Struggle to Style

5 items I struggle to style

In today’s video we will be having a look at 5 items in my wardrobe that I struggle to style. Just to challenge myself a bit more I wanted to create two different outfits with each item and that’s why this video came late. Because I as the title of this video suggests, struggled to style these items up and it took me much longer to put this video together than I had imagined. But it’s here and I am creating 10 outfits with these 5 items that I find really difficult to put outfits together with.

5 items I struggle to style // Creating 10 outfits with 5 hard to style items in my wardrobe

Sequin shorts (Vila)

  • Outfit 1: H&M velvet top, Primark tights, & Other Stories boots
  • Outfit 2: Forever 21 blouse, Primark tights, & Other Stories oxfords

Tulle skirt (H&M)

  • Outfit 1: H&M burgundy sweater, Primark tights, Topshop boots
  • Outfit 2: Monki turtleneck top, Adidas Gazelle sneakers

Polkadot dress (ASOS)

  • Outfit 1: ASOS heeled sandal
  • Outfit 2: Primark tights, ASOS leopard print boots

Lilac trousers (ZARA)

  • Outfit 1: H&M zebra print top, Reebok Club 85C
  • Outfit 2: Urban Outfitters blouse, ZARA blazer, Converse sneakers

Vintage blazer

  • Outfit 1: Weekday t-shirt, Topshop Mom jeans, Nike Thea Air Max
  • Outfit 2: H&M t-shirt, Levi’s 501 Cropped, Vagabond Grace boots
What is an item you struggle to style up?

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  1. I love the white with black polka dots dress! It looks good with and without tights. I have trouble styling some of my vintage separates. They don’t necessarily have to be with other vintage items, but sometimes finding the right style match with modern and vintage is hard.

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