Nabla Coral Cutie eyeshadow palette review

nabla coral cutie eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

Let’s review a super spring palette: Nabla Coral Cutie. The Cutie range from Nabla is one that I didn’t immediately shop for as the first two that were launched (this one and the nude) weren’t necessarily what I go for in terms of eyeshadow. However, when they launched some more last year, I felt this would make for quite a unique addition to my collection. I already knew Nabla can do a good palette from trying their Secret and Soul Blooming palettes so let’s see how I got on with the Coral Cutie.

Review: Nabla Coral Cutie eyeshadow palette

These Nabla Cutie palettes aren’t cheap! For a 6 pan you pay €23.50 which is the price point of some full sized eyeshadow palettes. Not from this brand per se (their larger palettes are €35 and up) but there are plenty of brands that do eyeshadows at this price point where you get a bit more. Even compared to Nabla’s usual palettes this is quite steep as you only get 6 shades. That said, these cutie palettes feature some really unique shades that you won’t find anywhere else, so that can make it worth it in the end.

What does the Coral Cutie have to offer?

nabla coral cutie eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

Nabla’s Coral Cutie was one I definitely had to get a feel for. These warm tones are so far out of my comfort zone! But I knew if the quality was anything like other Nabla shadows that I had tried, that I would fall head over heels in love with it. So this palette was a bit of a gamble for me. With four shimmers and only two mattes it did speak to me though as we all know I love a shimmer over a matte. Of the six shades there are 4 that really speak to me and two that I feel a bit so so on.

What is the color story like?

nabla coral cutie eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, the color story can really make or break it. This palette is by far one of the more unique ones in my collection. The pinky corals combined with the red and oranges makes for a very warm toned look. The brown and the bronze shade I could probably have done without, but they make for some good shades to round out the palette and make it a bit more versatile. The bronze shade I would have replaced for something less orange though. I think a yellow toned gold might have worked better.

The other four shades are stunning. The two shimmers on the left are really pretty shifty, sparkly numbers that can be built up in intensity or used sheerly as a topper. The red and the coral matte shade are where this palette truly shines though and especially in the combination of the two. Red shadow can be tricky as it can make you look tired and as though you have an eye infection. However, these shades all play together beautifully to prevent that from happening.

What does the palette swatch like?

nabla coral cutie eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

As we would expect from a Nabla palette these shades swatch beautifully. The dark brown and the matte pink coral are both stunning mattes that perform well. The red is beautifully saturated too and the shimmer are intense enough to be used in a multitude of ways as you can see below. I really like how these shadows blend as well (it’s on par with other Nabla shades I have used) and the shimmers build nicely when using a finger or when you foil them using a bit of water or fixing spray.

What do these shades look like on?

You can see below what these shades all look like on the eyes. I used every single shade in the palette to create this look.

nabla coral cutie eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

Here’s what I did to create this look: I used the matte pinky coral in the crease and blended the red on top. I then applied the pink shimmer all over the lid and the orange sparkly shade is in the inner corner. To round off the look I used Coral Amber on the lower lash line and the matte dark brown was used to create an eye liner. As you can see the final result is a stunning spring look that is vibrant and definitely something different for me.

My final thoughts

nabla coral cutie eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

I love it when my cool toned shadow heart is swayed to play with warm tones by an eyeshadow palette. Nabla’s Coral Cutie certainly does that for and that makes it a great palette in my book. Not only that, it has a stunning quality too with shades that practically blend themselves and a fun color story that inspires me to try different combos every time. For a 6-pan palette, I think this is quite a versatile little number as you could go full on neutral if you use the brown and the bronze shade for instance. However, I love having a bit of fun and fun that’s exactly what this palette is.

Would I recommend the Nabla Coral Cutie eyeshadow palette?

Nabla’s Coral Cutie is one of those palettes that I didn’t think I’d love as much as I ended up doing. The color story is unique and if you love warm tones you will certainly love this one. If you are a lover of cool tones then the pinktoned shades might be what sway you to make this work for yourself as well. Not a palette for the faint of heart, but if you feel you already own lots of shadows, then this may offer you something unique to change things up.

What is the last palette that surprised you?

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  1. Ulta is having their 21 Days Sale and all Nabla palettes were 50 percent off for one day. I wasn’t going to get any, but after reading this review I decided to get their Cutie Palette in Platinum for only $12 USD. I could have gotten the Coral one, but I have too many corals and pinks as it is. I hope the Platinum one is a good surprise. I’m not expecting that much, but for the price I thought I’d try it! I think out of their small palettes it might be the one I get the most use out of.

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