Kaleidos Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Collection

kaleidos makeup eyeshadow palette collection

I thought that for this month’s eyeshadow palette collection video I could feature Kaleidos makeup. This indie makeup brand is one that has quickly become one of my favorites and they do some really cute 6-pan mini palettes with nicely curated colors stories. I only own one of their larger palettes as that is the only one they have done with a color story that appeals to me. But that does mean I have 8 palettes by the brand and so I figured we could have a grand old chat about what Kaleidos has to offer.

Kaleidos Makeup eyeshadow palette collection // All Futurism palettes + more of my Kaleidos palette family

Palettes mentioned:

  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism I Sci-Fi Green
  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism II Cyber Bronze
  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism III Astro Pink
  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism IV VR Neon
  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism V Electro Turqoise
  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism VI Lunar Lavender
  • Kaleidos Makeup Futurism VII Sashimi Cityk
  • Kaleidos Makeup x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula
Have you tried any Kaleidos Makeup eyeshadow palettes?

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