Zoeva Precious eyeshadow palette review

zoeva precious eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

We all know I have a soft spot for Zoeva and in the past year the brand has been going through a rebrand so many of the palettes I know and love have now been discontinued. Right before their rebrand started, they started putting out some smaller palettes and while not all of them appealed to me I ended up buying the Precious palette. This palette was part of a holiday collection not in 2020, but in 2019 and so I don’t think you can still get it. But since it is the first and only mini palette from Zoeva I have tried myself, I thought I could still give it a try.

Review: Zoeva Precious eyeshadow palette

When this was still for sale it retailed for €18 and that is immediately an explanation why I wasn’t too interested in this at first. Some of my first Zoeva palettes were 10 pans which I bought for €17.50. So this is a 6-pan and it is even more expensive than those larger ones that first launched. Zoeva palettes did go up in price as their popularity rose so in the end this was more affordable than the larger palettes, but €18 for a 6-pan palette by Zoeva I thought was a bit steep.

What does this palette have to offer?

zoeva precious eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

So the Precious palette didn’t excite me straight away. I didn’t get it until it was nearly discontinued as I figured that I should try one of their mini palettes . The color story was one of the more interesting ones as the other mini palettes were mainly small versions of the larger palettes I already owned. So this seemed more unique and it reminded of a color story that Pat McGrath might do. Because this is a warm toned, rosy palette.

What is the color story like?

zoeva precious eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

This is a shimmer heavy 6-pan color story. There are only two mattes, but they are the kind of mattes that you would want to have in a palette like this: a deeper plum and a mauve shade. The other shades are all shimmers and they are stunning. There are three rosy/ plum/ mauve shades that all skew a bit warm toned and a very orange leaning gold. That last shade is never my favorite as I find it not too flattering but I feel it goes quite well with these colors. Not a shade I’ll go back to soon, but the other 5 shades are all very wearable and something different for me, while still neutral.

How does this palette swatch?

zoeva precious eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

Is this the best palette Zoeva has ever done? Well that may be a stretch, but the formula of this is definitely something else and I think it might explain the higher price point. Not for the mattes: the mattes are a tad sheer, but buildable to full intensity and they do blend easily despite the bad finger swatch of the plum shade. The shimmers however are the ones that are totally worth this palette. The rosy peach is stunning and the shade Exquisite is one of my favorite one and done shadows as it is a taupy rosy mauve that is super dimensional without being a duochrome, but still very special and you can do lots with it.

What does this palette look like on the eye?

zoeva precious eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

So it was when I placed these on the eye that I truly felt this came together for me. I used the mattes in the crease and Outer V and I used the other shades on the lid, inner corner and lower lash line. It has a great pay off and I love how this looks. It’s very summer into fall kind of colors. It’s neutral, yet there are some pinky shades that really give this a bit of an unusual twist. The shades all work well, the mattes add enough definition and the shimmers are just outstanding.

My final thoughts

zoeva precious eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Zoeva Precious eyeshadow palette. It is definitely some of the best quality I have seen Zoeva do and the color story is quite unique. There are some fun pops of color, but it is still neutral and the shimmers are out of this world amazing. I keep this around just for that Exquisite shade, because that was an instant love and it’s why this palette gets to stay in my collection for a long time. However, even if I take that shade out of the equation, I still really love this palette. It is small, curated, yet still an interesting color story and I hope Zoeva will keep doing interesting palettes like this in their rebrand.

Would I recommend the Zoeva Precious eyeshadow palette?

Sadly you can no longer buy, but I have been recommending Zoeva for basic, wearable shades for years and I won’t stop doing that because their palettes are more affordable than many high end brands, but you get a similar quality to let’s say a Too Faced or Urban Decay. That’s why I love them and that’s why I keep trying them. If you are looking for some good palettes that give you many options but that are still neutral and great for everyday, then definitely check out Zoeva.

Have you tried any Zoeva eyeshadow palettes?

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