Blue/ Green Palettes: Which one is the best?

blue green eyeshadow palettes

In terms of colorful shades my favorites are green, blue and purple. I already ranked all my purple plaettes and in terms of blues and greens, I actually own a subset of palettes that I wanted to tackle first before ranking all of my blue and green palettes. And which subset is that? Blue/ green palettes: so all palettes that have a combination of blues and greens. I have 5 palettes that fit that category and today we are talking about the pros and cons of each one!

Blue / Green Eyeshadow Palette Comparison // Which of these 5 palettes is right for you?

Palettes mentioned:

  • Sleek Nautical Collection Calm Before the Storm
  • ELF Earth & Ocean
  • Certifeye Affinity 2
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Whale Song
  • Ace Beauté Oceanic
What is your favorite BLue/ Green palette?

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