What I Wore #17

what I wore #17 8 recent outfits lookbook fall 2021 transitional work outfits

Let’s take a break from makeup reviews for a minute and have a look at outfits I wore during the transitional and fall weather we have been experiencing. I wore these outfits over the course of the past 6 or so weeks, starting at the beginning of September and some of these I wore just last week. What I always do with these is gather 8 outfits that I wore out: to work, casually or just out and about and post about them. So today I have a new batch for you, so let’s have a look at some recent outfits.

Lookbook // 8 Recent Fall/ Transitional Work Outfits

So 8 outfits and if some of these give you the shivers as you might think I was cold: we had a warm September! That’s why some of these may seem a bit summery as I didn’t want to overheat. But I think you can see a change as well in some of the outfits of how the weather is changing and how I am transitioning my outfits for the fall season. So let’s roll!

what I wore #17 8 recent outfits lookbook fall 2021 transitional work outfits

Outfit 1: Top (Bershka), trousers (Topshop), shoes (New Look)
Outfit 2: Top (Monki), jeans (Urban Outfitters), shoes (Underground)

For the first two outfits you can see the better weather vibe. I am wearing a black linen front knot blouse with a fun pair of striped pleated trousers and black shoes. I had a monochromatic moment this summer and it kind of continued into this season, but now that it is fall and I can bring out some of my favorite colors, I have been focusing on that again.

The second outfit was a fun one. The blouse was a great find: I love the soft green shade that isn’t quite a pistachio, nor a sage. And then I found out I had a pair of shoes that paired perfectly. I have had these shoes for years, but I don’t wear them often as they are a mint green suede. Not exactly the best shoe in the best color in this material. But I loved how this came together.

what I wore #17 8 recent outfits lookbook fall 2021 transitional work outfits

Outfit 3: Top (Monki), jeans (Weekday Voyage), shoes (Adidas Gazelles)
Outfit 4: Top (Vintage), jeans (Everlane), shoes (Nike Thea)

For my next outfit I chose to wear a blue striped blouse with a big sailor style collar with a ruffled edge. I love that there are so many fun collars around and where I didn’t love wearing blue/ white tops, now that I have found a good pair of off white jeans I feel they work really well for me. And I decided to contrast the blue of the top with the pink in the shoes.

Outfit 4 is a great example of a transitional outfit. The outfit is great for a warmer day but the colors are more fall inspired with a mustard pair of trousers which I paired with navy blues. The top is an off white with a really cool pattern and texture (you can’t see it here but the blue thread has little bobbles). The shoes were just a comfy pick as I felt I don’t wear these often enough.

what I wore #17 8 recent outfits lookbook fall 2021 transitional work outfits

Outfit 5: t-shirt (H&M), blazer (Vintage), corduroy trousers (Monki), shoes (Vagabond)
Outfit 6: turtleneck (Monki), spencer (Monki), jeans (Topshop), shoes (Dr. Marten’s 2976 Atlas)

And here we are coming into fall territory! How stunning is Outfit no. 5 in terms of its tonality. I just love how it came together. It had everything: texture, print, but since the shade is similar from heady to toe the same the look just comes together and isn’t too overwhelming.

For Outfit 6 I was actually struggling a bit how to style this black spencer. But then I put this striped turtleneck with it that has a mustard and white shade to it. The mom jeans are a nice contrast but they also keep the outfit quite simple. But then the thing that tied it together for me are the shoes. Yes those are black Dr. Marten’s with yellow stitching which I felt really drove this outfit home.

what I wore #17 8 recent outfits lookbook fall 2021 transitional work outfits

Outfit 7: dress (H&M), blazer (H&M), shoes (ZARA)
Outfit 8: top (Monki), cardigan (Only), corduroy trousers (Monki), belt (H&M), shoes (Vagabond

For the final two outfits we are smack in the middle of fall. I actually bought this dark green dress in the spring last year but knew I wouldn’t wear it until fall time. I mean how stunning is this forest green shade? I paired it with a pair of knee high boots and a black blazer. I actually wanted to go in with brown suede boots and a cream cardigan but they day I wore this, it rained buckets and I didn’t want to ruin the suede.

Finally, I wore my favorite shade for fall again: mustard yellow! I love a good mustard and I love how it pairs with a stripy top and a basic black base to tie it all together. I am quite short so these long line cardigans are difficult to pull off, but I feel that if I wear a belt and accentuate my waist I can easily make it work if I made the cardigan the center piece of the outfit.

What outfit is your favorite?

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