Essence & Catrice Fall/ Winter 2021 Update review

essence catrice fall winter review update 2021

Let’s talk Essence & Catrice! My two favorite drugstore brands have released new products and so I had to give them a try. After 2+ months I have now enough thoughts about these products to go beyond my first impression so I always like coming back on and film a video where I give my full thoughts on all the new products that I have tried enough. Now, plenty of these I have tried, but there are a few I haven’t gotten around to yet. However, those will be popping up in future Shop my Stashes or dedicated blog reviews in the next few weeks and months to come. So stay tuned!

Essence & Catrice Fall/ Winter 2021 Update review // My full thoughts after trying the new products for 2+ months

Products mentioned:

  • Essence Hello Good Stuff! Herbal Face Mist
  • Essence Fresh & Fit Vitamin Bomb serum
  • Essence Hello Good Stuff! Cica face cream
  • Essence Hello Good Stuff! Primer serum
  • Catrice Clean ID Anti-Redness Serum Primer
  • Essence Hydrating & Glow spray
  • Catrice Clean ID Hyaluronic Fixing spray
  • Essence Fresh & Fit foundation 05 Fresh Porcelain
  • Catrice True Skin foundation 010 Cool Cashmere
  • Catrice Ultimate Camouflage Cream concealer 010 N Ivory
  • Catrice All Matt Shine Control Powder Healthy Look 100 Neutral Fresh Beige
  • Catrice Clean ID Hydro Brow Fixing Gel
  • Catrice 72 Hr Natural Brow Precise Liner 010 Light brown
  • Catrice Holiday Skin Serum Bronzer 010 Escape to the Beach
  • Catrice Holiday Skin Luminous Bronzer 020 Off to the Island
  • Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 030 Warm Soul
  • Essence Hydrating Nude & Cool Collagen lipstick
  • Essence Soft & Precise lip pencil 202 My Mind, 203 My Advice, 302 Heavenly, 303 Delicate
  • Catrice Volumizing Extreme Lip Booster 030 N’Ice Bonbon
  • Catrice Peppermint Berry Glow Lip Balm
  • Catrice Vegan Collagen Matt lipstick
  • Essence longlasting eye pencil Olive You & Sparkling Brown
  • Catrice Lash Changer Volume Mascara waterproof
  • Essence Lash Princess Curl & Volume mascara
  • Essence Chrome Duo Chrome liquid eyeshadow 01 Oh my Chrome, 02 Chromology, 03 Chrom’Addict, 04 Chrome Over Beauty, 05 Chrom’azing
  • Essence Soft Touch Secret Woods & Eternity
  • Catrice single shadow Golden Leaf
  • Essence eyeshadow palette: Bronzed This Way, Ice Ice Baby, Dancing Green, I Like to Mauve it Mauve it
  • Catrice Pro Slim Natural Spirit 010 Neutral Elements
  • Catrice 5 in a Box 050 Blue Smokey Look
  • Catrice 5 in a Box 060 Vivid Burgundy Look
What new Catrice or Essence product are you loving?

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