Dose of Colors Cutting Edge eyeshadow palette review

dose of colors cutting edge eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

You know I have fallen in love with smaller palettes in recent years. Where we used to always go for bigger palettes that were at least 18 pans or more, current trends veer more towards smaller palettes. Easy to use, and not too overwhelming in their choice options, I love me some smaller palettes and one brand that does lots of good things is Dose of Colors. In fact, I haven’t even tried any of their larger palettes. I already tried three of their all matte 5 pan paletts: Pretty Cool, Blushing Berries and Marvelous Mauves. So when the brand released some featuring shimmers for the first time last year, I decided to snatch them both up in the Black Friday sales.

Review: Dose of Colors Cutting Edge eyeshadow palette

The other palette available was Smokey Soiree and I hope to be able to review that more indepth for you soon. What this palette reminded me of was Melt’s Gemini, which is a palette that has been out of stock for ages. So the question is: could this be a good dupe. Well, yes and no. It looks quite similar at first glance, but I actually find this far more yellow toned than the Melt, but we’ll get into that soon. At the same time, this is a pricey palette, like Melt: at nearly €40 for just 5 shades, this is definitely one of the most expensive palettes in my makeup collection if you look at cost per gram. The shades contain 1.5 grams each, but this palette does retail for €38.95.

What does this palette have to offer?

dose of colors cutting edge eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

So this little palette features 5 pans and is a green toned looking palette that features some warm tones and khaki greens. I bought this mainly because I wanted to try the Dose of Colors shimmer formula and I loved how small and curated those earlier matte palettes were so I could really see myself going for this a lot. Melt Gemini is one of my favorite grungy color stories and so I had high hopes for how much I would love this. The mattes by Dose of Colors are stunning, so I knew I’d love those and I had heard great things about the shimmers, so I was excited to try this one.

What is the color story like?

dose of colors cutting edge eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

With just 5 pans there isn’t a whole lot on offer here. We get three mattes and two shimmers. The palette was a little bit disappointing to me as to how green it ended up looking once I got it home. The two shades on the left look to have a greenish undertone but on my fair skin they just look like a matte yellow and a gold shimmer. So a bit more boring than I had hoped. The two greens are stunning, but I would have loved for this palette to be more green toned and less neutral. The orange toned brown in the middle nicely bridges the gap, but I would have loved that to be a deeper green to really give this palette more options. For how green this looked in promo shots, I was quite underwhelmed when I saw this final color story.

How do these shadows swatch?

dose of colors cutting edge eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

Quality wise there is nothing wrong with this palette at all. The mattes all swatch beautifully. They are a bit powdery but I find them less powdery than the ones in the all matte palettes. They blend easily, stay vibrant and do not muddy up. It’s the shimmers where I feel the palette lacks in quality a little bit. These shimmers aren’t the easiest to work with: they are a bit thin and especially the gold doesn’t have the payoff I’d like it to have. The green is stunning, but it is mainly a green base with golden sparkle, which makes it a lot less special and I have shades by Sydney Grace that are similar that are far better quality and impactful.

How do these shadows apply?

dose of colors cutting edge eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

Unfortunatly the disappointment didn’t end there. When I started playing with this I found the palette to not be as versatile as I had hoped. Since all the shades are quite light or mid toned, you will really struggle creating lots of different looks. The brown is a natural crease shade. The seeming lime green, turns into a warm yellow on my skin and the matte green is just not deep enough to add enough contrast. I tried using it as a liner here and I feel it just looks a bit grey against the warm orange and golden tones of the other shades. The best shade by far is the green shimmer, but that is just one out of five shades that I truly love.

My final thoughts

dose of colors cutting edge eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

The Dose of Colors Cutting Edge eyeshadow palette is one that I wanted to love as the color story seemed right up my street. Sadly, it ended up not working the way I had hoped. Instead of a fun murky green palette, this ends up being a boring warm toned neutral palette with a pop of green. Could I still make a look with this that skews more green toned? Sure. But the khaki matte green is a touch too deep for it to work well on my skin tone as a crease shade, but maybe if you are deeper or have a warmer undertone this may be more successful. For me, this just wasn’t perfect.

Would I recommend the Dose of Colors Cutting Edge eyeshadow palette?

I think there isn’t much here to not love: the quality is good, but for how expensive this is I don’t necessarily this is the must have I thought it would be. Yes, it’s lovely looking but I just don’t feel this is quite right for me. I wanted this to be more green toned and the shimmers aren’t the best shimmers I have ever worked with. So therefore, I think it is fun to try and if you can get this at a deal it can still be worth it, if these shades are perfect for your undertone. If not, then I would stay away.

What small palettes have you been trying?

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