New Makeup Releases February 2022

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new makeup releases 2022 february 2022

I am bringing back a video I haven’t done for a while! I was a bit stuck with my new makeup releases video. I just wasn’t finding it that much fun to film as soooo much new stuff was coming out and I felt very overwhelmed by talking about a bunch of mediocre, uninspiring makeup releases. So I decided to give it an overhaul. So the new format is as follows: I talk about a selection of newly announced releases top 5, bottom 5 style. I then show you what I actually purchases that month and then we will round off the video and take a look at some things that are actually on my wishlist and that I would like to purchase at some point. I hope you enjoy the new format! Let me know in a comment below.

New Makeup Releases Feb 2022 // Top 5 Bottom 5, What I bought and what’s ACTUALLY on my wishlist

What makeup did you buy this month?

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