Swatching my fun shimmer palette

fun shimmer palette eyeshadow single clionadh looxi beauty devinah sydney grace swatch

For my June eyeshadow single palette I thought it would be fun to swatch out what I like to call my ‘fun shimmer palette’. This palette filled with single eyeshadows is one I put together with products by Looxi Beauty, Clionadh round pans, Devinah and Sydney Grace. I like organizing my singles among certain themes. So I have a multichrome palette, a blue/ green/ purple palette and a cool toned neutral palette. All of which I have already shown you previously, but I will be updating some of those videos in the months to come. I am also doing a series at the moment where I like to put together custom palettes using my single pans which I then update you on with swatches and looks I did. So definitely stay tuned for more.

Swatching my fun shimmer palette // Single eyeshadow palette ft. Looxi Beauty, Clionadh, Devinah & Sydney Grace

Products mentioned:

  • Looxi Beauty Starboy
  • Looxi Beauty Foxy Lady
  • Looxi Beauty Wild Child
  • Clionadh Shroom
  • Clionadh Elixir
  • Sydney Grace Tattle Tale
  • Sydney Grace Red Chameleon
  • Looxi Beauty Duperstar
  • Looxi Beauty Noir
  • Clionadh Crystalline
  • Clionadh Hex
  • Clionadh Sky Lights
  • Looxi Beauty High Roller
  • Clionadh Nocturnal
  • Clionadh Snowdrift
  • Devinah Everlasting Gobstopper
  • Clionadh Calx
  • Looxi Beauty Devious
  • Clionadh Ursa
  • Devinah I’ll be Tender I’ll be Gentle
  • Sydney Grace JB
  • Sydney Grace Tangy Citrus
  • Sydney Grace Escape
  • Clionadh Fog
  • Looxi Beauty Siren of the Sea
  • Looxi Beauty Aquarius
  • Devinah I am just a Dandelion
  • Looxi Beauty Omega
What shimmers do you love?

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