Top 10 Summer palettes

top 10 summer eyeshadow palettes

I am ba-hack! In case you wondered where I went these past few days: I was ill. I had a visit from the lovely Miss C. and felt terrible. I haven’t been this ill in years, so it was warranted to take a full on break of about a week. But I wanted to come on here and fill you in on my favorite eyeshadow palettes for the summer time. I did this video last year, but I figured it was time for an update. Because I love chatting about eyeshadow palettes and I am proud to announce that August will once again be devoted to eyeshadow palettes. All videos going live in August will be eyeshadow palette related which is a thing I have been doing for a while now. And from September onwards, the aim is to post an eyeshadow palette related video at least once a week. I hope you enjoy today’s video and are looking forward to all the content I have planned for you.

Top 10 Summer Palettes 2022 // My favorite eyeshadow palettes for summer

  • Natascha Denona Mini Zendo
  • Melt Cosmetics Blue Print
  • Colourpop High Tide & Dream Street teal custom palette
  • Game Beauty Victory
  • Juvia’s Place Saharan II
  • Nabla Cutie Analogue
  • Unearthly Cosmetics Strawberry Milkshake
  • Natascha Denona Gold
  • Urban Decay Naked Wild West
  • Catrice Pro Slim Hint of Mint
  • Ace Beauté Oceanic
What is your perfect summer eyeshadow palette?

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