Juvia’s Place The Violets eyeshadow palette review

juvia's place the violets eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

One of the other palettes I have yet to review that just got on the backburner is one that truly surprised me. Because I love this palette so I was quite surprised to find out I hadn’t included this in any of my reviews. What am I talking about? The Juvia’s Place The Violets eyeshadow palette. This small mini palette is actually the first small Juvia’s Place palette I tried after loving their larger palettes for some time. So I was curious to see how I would like these. I have now tried several of these and The Violets is one of my favorite color stories in these small mini palettes for sure. So let’s take a closer look.

Review: Juvia’s Place The Violets

For a brand that used to be super affordable, Juvia’s Place has gone up in price a lot over the years. I remember their 9-pan with those incredibly big pans costing just €15 a pop, but now a little 6-pan like this goes for that price. Still, it’s not too bad all things considering, but the pans are smaller and there are 6-pans on the market that are much less expensive than this. Considering the fact that I live in Europe and having to pay additional shipping and handling fees on top of things, I have fallen a bit out of love with Juvia’s Place as a brand.

What does this palette have to offer?

juvia's place the violets eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

The Violets: the name says it all. You get 6 shades of lighter purples that correspond quite well save for one. Now it may be good to know that in terms of how special this palette is, it isn’t all that unique. In fact I feel at least one matte and one shimmer are exact dupes for shades you got in the Juvia’s Place Magic palette. So this is a palette I don’t feel does much in terms of versatility. The shades go well together but these shadows are a bit one note and therefore are best used as pops of colors in combination with other shadows.

What is the color story like?

juvia's place the violets eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

But the main reason why this palette has limited options isn’t just the color selection here but also the shimmer to matte ratio and what those shades are. Let’s start with the color story. This is an overall cool toned purple palette (which is what I liked) but then there is one quite random rose gold shimmer in the middle, which for me doesn’t really go with the rest. There are only 2 mattes, which I don’t mind as I prefer shimmers over mattes in my palettes. But these mattes you get are either way too dark for the crease or way too light. A shade in between those two would have made for a much better matte option in my opinion. So while we get some great purples here, I don’t feel the palette comes together quite as well as it should for how small this is.

How do these eyeshadows swatch?

juvia's place the violets eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

The swatches of these shades are okay: the shimmer perform much better than the mattes do. This is often the case in other Juvia’s Place palettes I have tried and it is the case here. The shimmers however feel different from other JP palettes I have tried as well. These are still pretty but some feel a bit thinner than I am used to. Overall I think the brightest shimmer is the best performing shade in the palette and I love that the mattes are buildable and not too kapow in your face upon first application as well. You can see below that the palette comes together in a pretty stunning eye look.

My final thoughts

juvia's place the violets eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

As you can see The Violets by Juvia’s Place makes for a pretty eye look, but some of the shades are a bit lacking and the color story doesn’t quite come together. I still love this though because there are a few shades in the palette that I would like to reach for more often. Especially that more vibrant purple shimmer I love and in the end the look does end up quite well. That said, I wish this had a better mid toned matte instead of the rose gold shimmer and I would have liked this a whole lot more.

Would I recommend the Juvia’s Place The Violets?

If you want purples in one go then I think there are other options out there. I am pretty excited to check out the Glamshop VeriPeri eyeshadow palette for instance, but if you are in the US and Juvia’s Place is a bit easier to buy then I think this is a nice one. It’s not the best purple palette I have ever tried (that would be the Viseart Violette Etendu) but that is at least 2x more expensive than this is.

What do you think of the Juvia’s Place mini palettes?

3 responses to “Juvia’s Place The Violets eyeshadow palette review”

  1. Thank you for the review but those swatches are absolutely horrible. They have patchy and just almost no pigment hardly. I think the color story is so boring and as if they are starting to slack since getting so much rave reviews in the past. The worst thing in my opinion is a color i have to build up when there’s so many palettes that have amazing texture and pigmentation that all you need to do is tap once lightly and blend. There you have the perfect blended out shade and can move on to the next shade.

    • Thanks for your comment as you seem to agree on many of the points I also raise in the review itself. I would also like to point out that pigmentation in a finger swatch is not the sole denominator when determining the quality of an eyeshadow. For one, I prefer a buildable eyeshadow as it works better with my eye shape. Secondly, swatches only tell part of the story and I didn’t build these up. This is one swipe.

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