Swatching MAC & Makeup Geek single eyeshadow palette

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swatching MAC & Makeup Geek single eyeshadow palette swatch review fair skin

Let’s swatch some singles! Once a month I like to come on here and swatch out my single shadows for you. I already swatched out my cool toned neutrals palette, my multichrome palette, my fun shimmer palette and today we are swatching out my MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows. These are all quite old as these were some of the first singles I ever bought. This palette is also the only singles palette I have that has some sort of color story to it. The others are all grouped along a single theme, but this one could be used as a stand alone palette. So let’s have a look!

Swatch Party: MAC & Makeup Geek // Let’s swatch my eyeshadow single palette

Products mentioned:

  • MAC Dazzlelight
  • MAC Retrospeck
  • MAC Patina
  • MAC Woodwinked
  • MAC Satin Taupe
  • Make Up Geek Charmed
  • MAC Nylon
  • MAC Wedge
  • MAC Soft Brown
  • Make Up Geek Chickadee
  • MAC Corduroy
  • MAC Shale
  • MAC Blackberry
  • MAC Embark
  • Make Up Geek Mesmerized
  • MAC Honeylust
  • MAC Expensive Pink
  • MAC Star Violet
  • Make Up Geek Grandstand
  • Make Up Geek Flamethrower
  • Make Up Geek Steampunk
  • Make Up Geek Rebel
  • Make Up Geek Pop Culture
  • Make Up Geek Plot Twist
  • MAC Sketch
  • MAC Beauty Marked
  • MAC Steamy
  • MAC Plummage
  • Make Up Geek Havoc
  • MAC Greensmoke
  • MAC Sumptious Olive
  • Make Up Geek Venom
  • MAC Humid
  • Make Up Geek Epic
  • Make Up Geek Houdini
Did you feel as nostalgic as I did when I did this video?

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