Cool Toned Palette roundup review

cool toned eyeshadow palette roundup review 2022

I love cool toned eyeshadow palettes! So I like coming on here to do a roundup review of some of the cool toned eyeshadow palettes I tried. I have been doing this kind of video once a year for about 5 years now so I have lots of these videos already up. And some of these are quite new to me and will make an appearance in a 10 palette review video soon and then I will also be showing you the closeups of the products, the swatches and the looks I did with these. So stay tuned for more because that video should be up before the end of the month. But for now, let’s dig into some cool toned palettes!

Cool toned eyeshadow palette roundup review 2022

Products mentioned:

  • Viseart Petit Pro Paris Étoile
  • Colourpop Head Capricorn in Charge
  • Kaleidos Makeup Smokey Nostalgia Black Jasmin (review is coming!)
  • Kaleidos Makeup Smokey Nostaliga Cold Brew (review is coming!)
  • Sigil Inspired by Tammy Tanuka Perky Lavender Chinchilla
  • Makeup by Lisa Raven’s Castle (review is coming!)
  • Colourpop Of Quartz
  • Rival Hearts Me Smokey
  • Blend Bunny Cosmetics The Dollhouse
What is your favorite cool toned palette that was released recently?

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