Top 10 Essence & Catrice palettes

top 10 favorite essence catrice eyeshadow palette review

Let’s chat about my favorite Essence & Catrice eyeshadow palettes. I often talk about my favorite drugstore palettes, but I have never done a video dedicated to just these two brands. So I felt that as part of eyeshadow palette month I could do an overview of some of my favorites. Some of these are OLD favorites and long since discontinued, so those are the honorable mentions. Others are from limited editions and may therefore also be difficult to track down. But for good measure I also threw in some palettes you can still get. If you use the search bar at the bottom of the page, you can find many reviews I have written over the years. So definitely check those out if you want to see swatches and looks.

Top 10 Essence & Catrice palettes // My favorite Essence & Catrice eyeshadow palettes I tried (which is a lot)

Products mentioned:

  • Essence Be You Ti Ful
  • Catrice Absolute Matt
  • Catrice Neon Nude
  • Essence My Must Haves
  • Essence Disney Classics Tan Wild Together Dumbo
  • Essence Disney Princess Jasmin
  • Essence Disney Princess Ariel
  • Essence Silver Glitter Show
  • Essence Dancing Green
  • Catrice Disney Princess Belle
  • Catrice Disney Villains Ursula
  • Catrice 5 in a Box Modern Smokey Look
  • Catrice Pro Slim Vintage Soul
  • Catrice Pro Slim Hint of Mint
What is your favorite Essence & Catrice eyeshadow palette?

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