Are these palettes dupes?

eyeshadow palette dupes natascha denona retro lime crime venus xl 2 anastasia beverly hills nouveau carli bybel comparison swatch review

In today’s video we will be asking ourselves the question: are these dupes? In this episode we will be comparing four palettes: Natascha Denona Mini Retro, Lime Crime Venus XL 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel. Some of these are more obvious dupes than others but the question ultimately is: how similar are these and do you need the yet to launch Natascha Denona Retro Glam? Let’s find out in this video.

Are these dupes? Comparing 4 eyeshadow palettes incl. swatches (Natascha Denona Mini Retro, Lime Crime Venus XL 2, Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau & Carli Bybel)

Products mentioned:

  • Natascha Denona Mini Retro
  • Lime Crime Venus XL 2
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel
What eyeshadow palettes would you like me to compare next?

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