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Lunar Beauty lipgloss review swatch makeup look moon indie application lip gloss

Remember my wish to try out lipgloss? Yep, that is one of the effects the pandemic situation had on me. Bye bye red lipstick, hello nude gloss. And I had heard great things about the Lunar Beauty glosses and so I decided to make a point of trying one. The shade Moon appeared to be a popular one and so I decided to try that and I am sad to say that by now I have already decided to declutter this. It is no longer part of my makeup collection and here’s why.

Review: Lunar Beauty Lip Gloss in Moon

In case you are unfamiliar, Lunar Beauty is the makeup brand owned by influencer Manny MUA. I own one other product by the brand which is an eyeshadow palette, but since I liked it, I decided to try more. Their lipglosses came highly recommended but for a gloss they are a bit more expensive than some other brands. On the official website these retail for $17 which isn’t bad, but since I am in Europe and the product has to be imported I paid over €20 for this. For that price point, I really need the product to be great if it is a gloss.

What does this lip gloss have to offer?

Lunar Beauty lipgloss review swatch makeup look moon indie application lip gloss

I had heard so many people raving about these glosses as they should feel very comfortable on the lips. It should be hydrating, have a glass like finish and could work both as a stand alone product or over other lip products. There is one thing no one told me though: it smells like cupcakes. If I had known in advance this review might have gone in a different direction, but that scent is one that I just couldn’t get over. It does have stunning packaging though.

What is the glosse like?

Lunar Beauty lipgloss review swatch makeup look moon indie application lip gloss

In terms of its texture I cannot fault this. This is indeed a super comfortable lipgloss. It feels like a cream! The formula is so smooth and hydrating that it feels more like wearing lip balm than lipgloss. This is not sticky at all and I can see why people like this. What surprised me about this was that the shade appeared to have some reflects in the tube, but once applied, the shine is there but there are no longer any visible particles when you have this on. So the high shine the brand promises may be achieved by an actual shimmer, but you will not see that on the lips.

What does this look like in a swatch?

Lunar Beauty lipgloss review swatch makeup look moon indie application lip gloss

The shade Moon is described as a pale nude with a pink undertone. My first question when I got this in was: where is the pink? I was expecting this to be more pink toned but on me it just looked straight up brown. So sadly the shade wasn’t perfect for me. What also wasn’t perfect for me was the scent. I already mentioned this smelled like cupcakes. And where some lip products have a light scent that disappears quickly, this lingered as it just smelled too strong. With this sitting right under your nose it stayed noticeable and the sickly sweet smell made me want to take this off after a few minutes as it made be feel nauseous. That is how strong it was.

My final thoughts

Lunar Beauty lipgloss review swatch makeup look moon indie application lip gloss

When I bought this gloss I was hoping to love it. However, the Lunar Beauty gloss in Moon did not live up to my expectations. The formula was amazing, but the shade was far too brown for me and it sort of clashes with my natural lip color. Moreover, the scent of this wasn’t ‘pleasant baked goods scent’ but so intense and sickly sweet like you had just opened a box of instant cupcake mix and left it open for too long. So for me this didn’t end up being as perfect as I had hoped. Luckily I have plenty of other glosses that I love.

Would I recommend the Lunar Beauty gloss in Moon?

I am happy I was able to try this lipgloss. I now know that the Lunar Beauty glosses aren’t for me. Despite a really good formula I do find them a bit expensive for these do in the end. The texture is great but the shade descriptions were a bit misleading making it difficult to find the right shade when you can only find this online. Finally, if like me, you have sensitivities to scented makeup this is one I would recommend you stay away from. A nice product? Yes, but it has its limitations.

Have you tried any glosses by Lunar Beauty?

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