9 Bands I Love

9 bands I love

Today I have a different piece of content for you. I love me some music (who doesn’t) but I tend to listen to quite a few bands, artists and musicians that aren’t exactly main stream. Sure I love a bit of Top 40 too, but when it comes to favorite artists, I tend to be a bit more niche in my music tastes. So as part of my 2nd channel rebrand, I figured I could include some of my music recommendations too. To kick things off, I will be hsaring with you my top 9 bands and music artists. This was supposed to be 10, but apparently I can no longer count. You can find a playlist with 3 of my favorite songs from each artist by clicking here.

9 Bands I Love // More people should be listening to these music artists

Artists mentioned:

  • Odesza
  • DIIV
  • Working Men’s Club
  • Idles
  • Other Lives
  • Snapped Ankles
  • Fews
  • Savages
  • FKA Twigs
What is your favorite band/ artist?

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