Battle of the Neutral palettes

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battle of the neutral palettes

I have another Battle of the Palettes for you this month. For this round I have selected 4 very neutral palettes and I am putting them up against one another. In 12 rounds (like a boxing match) we will be comparing and contrasting the palettes, giving a point to the winner. My one only firm rule: I have to give the point to just one brand so we get a clean decision towards the end. I have reviews up with all of these so if you want to have a closer look and see swatches and looks, then all you need to do is use the search bar below. Hope you enjoy the video!

Battle of the Neutral palettes // Comparing & contrasting 4 eyeshadow palettes in 12 rounds

Mentioned in the video:

  • Tarte Tarteltte In Bloom
  • Persona Cosmetics Identity I
  • Nabla Cutie #1 Nude
  • Viseart Cashmerie
What is your favorite neutral palette?

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