Dark Academia Recommendations

dark academia book recommendations

I finally realized (thanks to Leonie from The Book Leo) that I had been reading on trend for years. What trend you may ask? The Dark Academia aesthetic. The minute I heard of it, I was intrigued but since I wasn’t reading much, I didn’t feel justified buying a bunch of new books just to explore this new trend. And then I watched Leonie’s video and realized: but wait, I have been loving Dark Academia-esque books for years! So I went to my shelves and picked 15 of my favorites that I fit can work if you are looking to read within the Dark Academia aesthetic. And these may be a bit different from the usual list of Dark Academia recommendations, at least I hope so. Let’s roll.

Dark Academia Book Recommendations // 15 books to add to your reading list

Mentioned in the video:

  • Genevieve Cogman – The Invisible Library
  • Oscar de Muriel – The Strings of Murder (Frey & McGray Series)
  • T. L. Huchu – The Library of the Dead
  • Jonathan Stroud – Lockwood & Co
  • Selden Edwards – The Little Book
  • Graham Moore – The Last Day of Night
  • Steven Price – By Gaslight
  • Marisha Pessl – Night Film
  • Marie Brennan – A Natural History of Dragons
  • Elizabeth Kostova – The Historian
  • Lev Grossman – The Magicians
  • Michael Cox – The Meaning of Night
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Shadow of the Night
  • Muriel Barbery – The Elegance of the Hedgehog
  • Judith Flanders – The Invention of Murder
What Dark Academia books would you recommend?

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