Glamshop Unboxing

glamshop unboxing eyeshadow palette single eyeshadow

In this quick video we unwrap my recent Glamshop order together. This indie brand is located in Poland and they do some amazing things. I already tried a few of their eyeshadow palettes, but I also wanted to try their single eyeshadows. Then I saw they were doing a sale and I got a bunch of bits that were still on my wishlist including two of their more recent eyeshadow palette releases. Let’s get stuck in!

Glamshop Unboxing // Unwrapping my Glamshop order palettes & single eyeshadows

Mentioned in the video:

  • Glamshop Veri Peri
  • Glamshop Kaszmir
  • Glamshop Multichrome Venomous
  • Glamshop Multichrome Even Better
  • Glamshop Multichrome Pink Frog
  • Glamshop Marble Shadows Nightmare
  • Glamshop Marble Shadows Alexis
  • Glamshop Crystal shadow Opal
  • Glamshop Velvet shadow Baltic
  • Glamshop Velvet shadow Retro
  • Glamshop Matte shadow Dried Heather
  • Glamshop Matte shadow Rafa
  • Glamshop Matte shadow Ink
  • Glamshop Turbo shadow Aurora
  • Glamshop Turbo shadow Laser
  • Glamshop Turbo shadow Tulle
  • Glamshop Turbo shadow Tombac
  • Glamshop Turbo shadow Vegas Bis
  • Glamshop Turbo shadow Turbo Mint
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Always Cool
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Peculiar
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Mr. Serious
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Party
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Patina
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Phase
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Purple Chakra
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Frosted
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Professional Diver
  • Glamshop shimmer shadow Purple/ Blue
What do you think of the bits I got?

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