2022 Makeup Favorites – Eyes & Palette Edition

Last best! Oh yes, today we are rounding up my 2022 makeup favorites videos by chatting about my favorite category: eyes. I included a few single eye products, but the main focus is of course going to be eyeshadow palettes.

2022 makeup favorites eyes eyeshadow palettes

So the video will include 3 single shadow products I loved this year. Then we will go over my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes I tried all year. And we will be finishing things off with a sneak peek of some things I will be trying for you in 2023 that I am very excited for.

2022 Makeup Favorites // Eyes & Eyeshadow Palette Edition

Mentioned in the video:

Shop these palettes by clicking the links. Any link with * may contain an affiliate link which means I could make a bit of a commission when you choose to buy through my link.

What were your favorite eye products and palettes of the year?

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