Palettes Revisited (Are these still any good?)

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Happy New Year! We are kicking off the new year with a palette revisiting video. I went back to 6 older palettes in my collection again and put them to good use. So it’s time to sit back and review these again. Do these still hold up so many years later?

palettes revisited gem or junk older eyeshadow palette are these still any good

In this video I will be going over 6 palettes that I tried before. Some of these are some all time favorites and now that I have tried them they remain so. However, some I have changed my mind on some as well. Watch the video to find out more!

Gem or Junk? // Revisiting 6 older eyeshadow palettes: Are these still any good?

Mentioned in the video:

If you click any of the links above you can find full reviews incl. swatches & more looks

What is a palette you go back to all the time?

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