Custom singles palette March/ April

In case you were unaware: I build myself an eyeshadow palette once a month using my single eyeshadow collection. This year, in 2023, it’s tied to a giveaway where I ask my viewers to send me their inspiration for my next palette either as a theme to stick to or as an actual mockup of a potential palette. In short, it’s time to get creative!

custom singles eyeshadow palette lethal cosmetics sydney grace clionadh

In this video I will be revieiwing and swatching out the six shades I played with last month and I show you the inspiration I used to ‘create’ a new palette to play with. I had the wish to play with some new Lethal Cosmetics shades I acquired at the end of 2022. And someone sent me a picture of a color story that is nearly exactly that! How cool is that?!

Custom Singles Palette // March/ April + selecting my april color story

Mentioned in the video:

  • Lethal Cosmetics Deceit
  • Sydney Grace Regal
  • Clionadh Calx
  • Clionadh Skylights
  • Lethal Cosmetics Stargazer
  • Sydney Grace Winter Garden
What are your picks for the month?

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