CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask review

Do you have sensitive skin like me? Do you like the idea of having smoother skin but without the agitation and irritation caused by chemical peels and exfoliants? Then maybe you could try and LED Face Mask! I was approached by CurrentBody Skin with the request to test out their LED Light Therapy face mask and today I am sharing my experience with you in this review.

currentbody skin led face mask led light therapy mask skincare review fair skin dry skin dehydrated skin sensitive skin

Before going into the review, it may be good to know that I have dry/ dehydrated skin that is quite sensitive and reactive. I am in my late 30s and my main skin concerns are hydration, battling milia and finding effective skincare that doesn’t irritate my skin. If like me, you have tried several hyped up exfoliants and found them too harsh, then LED may be worth a shot.

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Skincare review: CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask

The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy face mask is the first at home LED light therapy for your skin. It is a flexible face mask that promises spa like results in your at home setting. At €323 this is definitely an investment piece.

Normally I am quite skeptical of skincare hypes especially if it involves expensive tools. However, ever since I first saw these LED face masks, I have been wanting to try them. To me, they seemed to give me the best of both worlds: combat fine lines and texture but without having to use any aggresive products. Let’s dive in and see how it went for me.

What does this face mask have to offer?

currentbody skin led face mask led light therapy mask skincare review fair skin dry skin dehydrated skin sensitive skin

The face mask by CurrentBody Skin features two different wavelengths: red and near-infrared. This helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone, texture and firmness. The LED face maks is made of flexible silicone to ensure it fits your face and no area is left behind. It is safe for all skin tones and skin types. It is recommended to use this 5 times a week for 10 minutes at a time. In the box you’ll receive everything you need to get started including a user manual.

Personally I have been using it far less than recommended for a few reasons. With my skin being sensitive as it is, I have found that I cannot use this more than once or twice a week. It leaves my skin quite red and I have found it makes my skin more sensitive than it normally is. It is also recommended to not use this while having any skincare applied, especially an SPF. And I think that may be why: I burn super easily in the sun and SPF is a musthave for me. I am not saying this burns my skin, it doesn’t, but the next day my skin feels similarly to when it recovers from a sunburn.

How does this face mask work?

currentbody skin led face mask led light therapy mask skincare review fair skin dry skin dehydrated skin sensitive skin

So how does this face mask work? An LED face mask is meant to be anti-aging as it stimulates collagen production and it boosts circulation to help renew the skin. Because this fits directly onto the face, the red and near-infrared wavelengths can penetrate deep into the skin to increase results. It is 100% safe to use and the device comes with a built in timer so there is no risk of overexposure. The material makes it easy to clean after use, making the experience fully hygienic as well.

My experience with this face mask has been very positive. I don’t believe in instant results, but after every use I have instantly noticed my skin’s texture has improved. As I pointed out in the intro, one of my main issues are milia, which are little balls that form under the skin. They are usually more prominent in winter as my skin is drier. After every use I have seen the amount of milia descrease and the size of the ones that were already there has shrunk.

What are the benefits of using an LED face mask?

currentbody skin led face mask led light therapy mask skincare review fair skin dry skin dehydrated skin sensitive skin

One of the reasons why I wanted to try this are the claims of what this can do for your skin. It should improve fine lines & wrinkles, calm redness and treat blemishes and breakouts. In my experience I can attest to it helping with texture quite instantly. I have found great improvements with how my skin feels for the most part. After every use, I have been left with skin that feels smooth, soft and well-nourished.

What I cannot attest to is the fact that it calms redness. In fact, my experience is quite the opposite as I experience redness right after use and my skin feels more sensitive the next day. I have mainly been using this at night, after taking off my makeup but before applying skincare and I have found that that works best for me as I get the best results. It is as if my skincare is absorbed better after using the mask.

I also cannot attest to this helping with blemishes, breakouts and wrinkles. I am just not that blemish prone and breakouts barely happen on my skin. I am a bit too young to claim actual wrinkles and I haven’t used it enough to be able to see any improvement in my fine lines. I will have to use it for a few months before I can really say anything about that.

Should you buy the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therarpy face mask?

With a product like an LED face mask, it is truly all about consistency: the more you use it, the longer you use it, the better the results. To get the kind of results that are advertised on the website, I think you would have to use it as recommended (5 times a week for 10 minutes at a time) for at least a few months. I have only been trying this for a few weeks, so time will tell.

That said, I really like the experience of using this. It is like a short meditation as I like to pop it on before bed and just lie there and wait until the mask switches itself off. Since the light does not go into your eyes directly, you can technically wear this and do other things as you are wearing it, but I find it uncomfortable and it feels a bit like directly looking into very bright headlights, which isn’t the best. The box comes with some goggles to help block out the light if you would find that helpful.

Do I think this is a musthave for everyone’s skincare routine? Not necessarily but I am happy with that it has been doing for my skin. My initial plan was to include before and after pictures with this blog post, but the changes aren’t as such that my camera is able to capture it. For me, it’s more about how my skin feels after using this. And that is great. Yes this makes my skin react initially but once it calms down, I can tell my skin feels much better. I hope over time, as my skin gets more used to using the product, I can up the amount of times I use it to get even better results.

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What is your experience using an LED face mask as part of your skincare routine?

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