Top 10 ultimate favorite eyeshadow palettes

As part of eyeshadow palette week I always like to give you an update on my ultimate favorite eyeshadow palettes. I like sharing my all time favorites, the best of the best. And this is my list for 2023.

top 10 ultimate favorite eyeshadow palette 2023

Because time moves on, and I felt like updating the list some original favorites I decided to no longer list. Not because I don’t like them anymore, but because I have just found other palettes I like better with more updated formulas. So there are some newer palettes on this list for sure, but I also have some great picks that I have raved about a lot in the past as well.

Top 10 Favorite eyeshadow palettes // These are my ultimate best of the best #eyeshadowpaletteweek

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What is your favorite eyeshadow palette.

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