Battle of the rainbow eyeshadow palettes

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? I have several eyeshadow palettes in my makeup collection with a rainbow color story. And today we are comparing them to figure out which one is the best one. Time for another eyeshadow palette battle.

battle of the rainbow eyeshadow palette

In this series I like taking 4 eyeshadow palettes with similar color stories and ask myself the question: which one is best? We have 12 rounds, like a boxing match, or 12 parameters if you wish to compare these on. So let’s get started.

Battle of the Palettes // Rainbow eyeshadow palette edition

Mentioned in the video:

  • Red corner: Blend Bunny Surge
  • Green Corner: September Rose Slush
  • Yellow Corner: September Rose Slush II
  • Blue Corner: LA Splash Classic Horror
What is your favorite rainbow eyeshadow palette?

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