Palette Dupes: Bright eyeshadow palettes

It’s almost summer! So a perfect time to compare some bright eyeshadow palettes. These are my 5 favorite bright colorful color stories, so let’s see how similar these actually are.

palette dupes bright rainbow eyeshadow palette

I will be featuring 5 eyeshadow palettes: Menagerie Feral, Blend Bunny Surge, Sugarpill Funsize, LA Splash Classic Horror and September Rose Slush. Hope you enjoy!

Palette Dupes // Comparing bright eyeshadow palettes

Mentioned in the video:

  • Menagerie Cosmetics Feral
  • September Rose Slush
  • LA Splash Classic Horror
  • Blend Bunny Surge
  • Sugarpill Funsize
What is your favorite bright eyeshadow palette?

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