Palette Dupes: How similar are these eyeshadow palettes?

I am back with another round of palette dupes! Let’s do some comparative swatches and find out how similar 5 of my cool toned eyeshadow palettes are. I include one of my newest palettes to compare to some older things AND I rope in a palette that’s quite forgotten in my makeup collection.

palette dupes cool toned melt colourpop glamshop lunar beauty

The palettes that will be featured today are Colourpop That’s Taupe, Melt Cosmetics Mary Jane, Glamshop Kokosanka, Glamshop Zimna Mocca and Lunar Beauty Eternal Eclipse.

Palette Dupes // Comparing 5 cool toned eyeshadow palettes (incl. swatches)

Mentioned in the video:

  • Colourpop That’s Taupe
  • Glamshop Kokosanka
  • Glamshop Zimna Mocca
  • Melt Cosmetics Mary Jane
  • Lunar Beauty Eternal Eclipse
What eyeshadow palettes would you like me to compare next?

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