Custom Singles palette

Are you ready to say goodbye to a video series? I am because today we are doing the final custom singles palette video. I am planning on bringing the series back in a different format, but after today you will not see this anymore in longform content.

custom singles palette

My main reason is: I am running out of time and this video is not bringing in the views or the subscribers so it was an easy decision to take. I did end the series on a high note though and created my favorite palette in the series.

Custom Singles palette // The Sydney Grace Edit

Mentioned in the video:

  • Pat McGrath Divine Rose I sparkly shade
  • Sydney Grace Baby Boy
  • Sydney Grace Deep Waters
  • Sydney Grace Regal
  • Sydney Grace Mythical
  • Sydney Grace Emerald Eyes
  • Sydney Grace Nomadic Radiance
  • Sydney Grace Concrete Road
  • Sydney Grace Troops
What single eyeshadow do you love?

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